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At the end of his four-year suspension, the former UEFA president returns, in a book, on the bottom of his fall.

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Delivered. Over the weeks, Michel Platini begins his return to the world of football. While his four-year suspension ended on October 8, the former president of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) took the pen to revisit his leadership career. In his book, riddled with anecdotes, the former number 10 of the Bleus returns on the last two decades, this long period of "Molt" during which he voluntarily plunged into this "Shark basin" what is the political arena of the ball.

This learning of the "Office life", For more than five years, Michel Platini has been working with Fernand Sastre, now deceased, as co-chairman of the 1998 French World Cup Organizing Committee. But it's a secret rendezvous in Singapore. , in January 1998, which seals the change of the former captain of the France team towards the governing bodies of football. The "Shark" Swiss Sepp Blatter offers him to form a "Winning ticket" to take the reins of the very powerful International Football Federation (FIFA).

"FIFA nostra"

This is the beginning of an alliance made of mutual fascination between the Valaisian roulette, "A political beast" attractive and Machiavellian, and the former king of lawns. In June 1998, the first was elected President of FIFA and the second became his " Technical Adviser ". After four years working with Mr. Blatter, tired of playing the "Water carriers", the Frenchman takes his "Soaring" and in 2002 became a member of the executive committees (governments) of UEFA and FIFA. Five years later, he was elected head of the rich European confederation, overthrowing the indestructible Swedish Lennart Johansson.

Shooting his arrows according to his memories, the former player also returns to the bottom of his fall and its suspension decided in 2015 by the FIFA Ethics Committee – compared by the author at "Committee of Public Safety during the Terror" – for a payment of 2 million Swiss francs (1.8 million euros) made by Sepp Blatter, in 2011. According to him, its plummet stems from a "Machination ourdie" by "This FIFA nostra who wanted (the) liquidate " while he was seeking his presidency. In his sights: Mr. Blatter, who clung to the throne despite his promise, made to the French in 2010, to accomplish a "Last term" before giving him the reins in 2015.


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