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Established by the French Basketball Federation in 2015, this practice allows people who may be in great physical and / or psychological fragility to reconnect with a sporting and sociabilizing activity.

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French Basketball Federation

10,000 steps and more.Not so easy to get into basketball when you are sedentary, or sick … Yet this activity is worth the detour. A study, published in September in the journal Science & Sports, shows its positive effects on the fitness of practitioners, not necessarily sports. The study was conducted in 2017-2018 in clubs labeled "sport health" of the French Federation of Basketball (FFBB), throughout the territory, from 127 participants aged 14 to … 88 years. With 25% of men and 37% of people with pathologies.

In the numbers game, the fitness score, calculated from the self-evaluation test of the Ricci & Gagnon (University of Montreal) -based activity, increased from 8.55 to 9.83 (on 35), after having followed between one and three weekly sessions of health basketball. And that for all participants, sedentary or not, sick or not … One of the limitations of the study, pointed out by the authors, is that, depending on the case, the practice lasted between three and eighteen months .

«This study confirms the interest of sports practice to improve the state of health»

"This cross-sectional descriptive study, one of the first showing the evaluation of a sports discipline in a context of "health sport", confirms the interest of sports practice to improve the state of health, says Pierre Breton, public health intern, who coordinated it. A benefit that the sports world and the medical world are not always convinced. "

"Social meeting"

Like other collective disciplines, basketball "Becomes a social gathering for practitioners by creating around them a new benevolent social fabric without competition", says the study. "The idea is to see a partner in front of you, and no longer a person with a disability, or obese", explains also Jackie Blanc-Gonnet, national referent health basketball at the FFBB. It set up "health basketball" in 2015 and now has around 270 accredited centers, out of some 4,500 clubs. But the movement is launched, according to the federation, which doubles each year its centers labeled. "We are mobilized on this subject, by intervening for more than twenty years in the hospitals with sick children, adapting to the capacities of each one with balloons in foam, plush, etc.", says Jackie Blanc-Gonnet.


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