Corbyn launches Labor campaign promising to solve Brexit "in six months"

The leftist leader wants to renegotiate an exit from the European Union with a continuation in the customs union and then hold a referendum on the agreement.

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Opposition Labor Party leader Jeremy Corbyn gives a speech about his plans for Brexit on November 5th in London. DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS / AFP

Planted between a roundabout and a large secondary school, the Park Inn Hotel fills up slowly. At this early hour and in the middle of the week, Tuesday, November 5, we mostly meet pensioners from the new town of Harlow, five minutes by car. It was there, from this unattractive settlement, in this semi-rural district of Essex, to a good hour from London by public transport, that Jeremy Corbyn chose to make his first big campaign speech. The leader of the British Labor opposition has unsurprisingly devoted to Brexit, divorce with the European Union, but not only.

Labor has had great difficulty accepting the principle of these general elections, three times claimed by Boris Johnson since September, three times denied by Mr. Corbyn. Before the latter finally rallied at the end of October, "When the risk of "no deal" was completely evacuated, " he tells Harlow. Internal dissensions, fears of losing feathers in the face of the conservative party that has become in a few months that of Brexit … All this could have played out.

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But since the Parliament voted in favor of a poll on December 12, the Labor party is bowing headlong in the campaign. This Tuesday, Mr. Corbyn appears in top form, the red tie, smiling and good tribune. Without taking a look at his notes, he attacks, the glasses at the end of the nose: "With his deal with the EU, Boris Johnson wants to sell the hard-won rights of workers! "

His divorce "Is a race for deregulation of social and environmental standards, an alignment on the United States! There, they have only ten days of vacation, and tens of millions of people have no health cover. What Boris Johnson wants is Thatcherism on steroids! " The room applauds wildly. This last expression, the Laborists test it these last days, on the trays of TV.

"Boris Johnson will sell our NHS! "

The argument of the NHS, the British public health system too: the party has made its main angle of attack of government policy at the beginning of the campaign. With its "deal" and a future agreement with the United States, "Boris Johnson will sell our NHS! " exclaimed Mr. Corbyn. The Prime Minister has strongly denied in the House of Commons? Never mind, his main political opponent drives the point. And quotes these appointments revealed by Channel 4, between British officials and representatives of US pharmaceutical companies.


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