United Airlines modernizes and embarks on international expansion

The American airline, with a thriving economy, is expanding its network and will recruit 34,000 people by 2022.

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United Airlines aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport, California, September 27.
United Airlines aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport, California, September 27. DANIEL SLIM / AFP

The crisis of the Boeing 737 MAX, immobilized since mid-March after two accidents that caused the death of 346 passengers and crew members, does not call into question the dynamism of American airlines. Thus, like Delta Airlines and American Airlines, the other two "sky majors" across the Atlantic, United Airlines continues its advance.

The company led by Oscar Munoz presented, Friday, October 25 and Saturday, October 26, in his stronghold of Chicago, the advance of his "Growth plan" launched in 2018. United wants to keep his "A virtuous circle to reinvest profits to improve the passenger experience", that is to say mainly their comfort on board its planes.

In fact, while US companies have regained a healthy economy in recent years, they still bear the brunt of the difficult times they experienced after the 2008 crisis, like United, which still operates close to 130 Boeing 757 and 767 over twenty years of age.

These devices, very greedy in oil, do not fit anymore with "The ecological revolution" as Scott Kirby, the president of the company, said. However, with nearly 800 aircraft in operation, United is still far from rejuvenating the entire fleet. " Our carbon footprint is shrinking, but we still have a lot of old planes "acknowledged Mr. Munoz.

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"World Number One" in terms of capabilities

Especially since the company is continuing its forced development. Since 2017, it has opened 117 new roads. And that's just the beginning. United aspires to grow both domestically and internationally. On the other side of the Atlantic, it relies on its "Seven major hubs in the most populated centers", especially to win over business customers who " at 75%, traveling from one hub to another in the United States »says Andrew Nocella, its sales manager.

It also targets tourist destinations, with the addition of 150 flights to US ski resorts and 16% additional flights to Florida. An effort that should not falter. United plans a growth of 4% to 6% of its capacity on the national network until 2020 ".


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