Hunter Biden, the offspring forced to close ranks

The son of Joe Biden, the candidate for the Democratic primary for the 2020 US presidential election, responded on ABC's allegations of conflict of interest. Time to calm the bloodhounds of Donald Trump.

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Lawyer and lobbyist Hunter Biden (here in 2016) has announced that he will no longer sit on the boards of foreign companies like Burisma, a Ukrainian natural gas company. Teresa Kroeger / Getty Images

Backed by life, tough loves and multiple addictions, Hunter Biden thought he could "disappear" by moving to Los Angeles, far from the East Coast business community, politics and his father, Joe. Donald Trump has decided otherwise. In recent months, the US president has mobilized an army of advisers to highlight Biden Jr's alleged conflicts of interest in Ukraine and China.

In the line of sight of the Trumpian revenge? His rival potential, Biden Sr, former Vice President of Barack Obama and candidate, so far well placed, the Democratic primary for the presidential election of 2020. The insistent efforts of Mr. Trump to obtain the Ukrainian President compromising information For the time being, this has mainly led to an investigation into his dismissal, but they have also renewed the interest of the press for Hunter Biden and his lucrative activities.

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After weeks of silence, the lawyer-lobbyist sacrificed to cathodic curiosity on October 15, receiving the ABC television channel in his kitchen. Smile impeccably, piercing blue eyes and beard pepper and salt, displaying a new look, Hunter, 49, took the opportunity to deny any fault, criminal or ethical, in the many financial transactions he has made over the years by the through its advisory, lobbying and hedge fund companies.

His role on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma, for a monthly salary of $ 50,000, is particularly pointed by Mr. Trump. He just admitted that he was probably not very adept at the son of the vice president of the most powerful country in the world to be involved in foreign companies; especially when his father was fighting corruption in one of the countries concerned.

This imprudence had been raised in 2015 by diplomats, while Joe Biden was still vice-president. But his cabinet had not seen fit to follow up on these warnings. No irregularities in his various activities have so far been noted, but Hunter, apparently scalded, announced that he would no longer sit on the board of directors of these companies during the campaign and during his father's term, if he were to be elected.


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