"Trump declared war (economic) on Xi. The clash goes beyond the battle of tariffs

Part of our future is in the hands of a Donald Trump on the verge of a nervous breakdown and a Xi Jinping who seems threatened by hubris, worries, in his column, Alain Frachon, editorialist at "World ".

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Preparation of the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Osaka (Japan), June 29.
Preparation of the meeting between Donald Trump and Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Osaka (Japan), June 29. BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI / AFP

Chronic. The two most powerful men in the world worry us. One, Donald Trump, appears on the verge of a nervous breakdown, the other, Xi Jinping, seems threatened by hubris, the intoxication of power. At the moment when he was celebrating, Tuesday 1st October, in the imperial vastness of Tiananmen Square in Beijing, the accession of his country to the rank of military giant, the first, under the procedure of impeachment in Washington, showed a behavior a little more erratic than usual. One too strong, the other unbalanced? Part of our future is in the hands of these two.

The most astonishing scene of the last days took place on Thursday, October 3 at the White House, in front of the press, when the Republican Trump, elected from a formation where one has always defended the "reds", called the Party Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to help him. The situation was all the more baroque as the United States is engaged in a commercial war on life to death with China. So goes Trump.

The American asked Chinese leaders to investigate the family of Joe Biden, Trump's rival Democratic potential in the November 2020 election. Explanation: Joe's son, Hunter Biden, opened a consulting office in Beijing when his father was vice-president. A major conflict of interest, suggests Trump – who, once elected to the White House, did not see fit to cut ties with his real estate empire (entrusted to the management of his children).

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Still in front of the reporters, the president repeated word for word what led the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives to open an investigation in order to remove him. It's true, he admits, on July 25, he asked Ukraine to investigate Hunter's case in Kiev – and on the role that his father, Joe Biden, could play. Curious counterattack which, by recognizing the facts, is of a kind "To autodestitution", writes the excellent Susan Glasser in the weekly The New Yorker. The US Constitution forbids any candidate for election to solicit any assistance abroad.

Trump degrades American democracy

The current procedure highlights what is worse in Donald Trump: renewed insults against institutions, repeated accusations of "Treason" or " ofspying " against his opponents, fantasy on a " Rebellion " or a plot fomented by the "deep state", the beginning of paranoia and the language of civil war – the whole of the verbal panoply that precedes physical violence in general. Trump degrades American democracy, which he also refuses to promote values.


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