In Colombia, the trial of former President Alvaro Uribe divides the country

The former Colombian head of state appeared on Tuesday (October 8th) before the Supreme Court, accused of using false pretenses and tampering with witnesses.

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Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe is appearing before the Supreme Court in Bogotá on 8 October. DIEGO MENJURA / AFP

Former Colombian President Alvaro Uribe appeared on Tuesday (October 8th) before his country's Supreme Court. Undisputed leader of the hard right, Uribe, who fought a merciless war against the guerrillas from 2002 to 2010, continues to dominate the Colombian political scene and divide his fellow citizens. Column of the former president, the head of state Ivan Duque openly sided in his favor: "I sum up Alvaro Uribe Velez to one word: honorable. "

Mr. Uribe is accused of using forgery in court and subornation of witnesses. He faces eight years in prison. "With regard to all the accusations against him, Uribe is tried for a relatively minor case, sighs the lawyer Carlos Toro who tries a comparison with "Al Capone, fallen for tax evasion". "There is no serious evidence against Alvaro Uribe, who has never done anything or said anything that is against the law," retorts the lawyer Jaime Granados.

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The case, which finally went to the Supreme Court, dates back to 2012. On that date, Mr. Uribe filed a complaint against the left-wing senator, Ivan Cepeda. In a debate on the origin of paramilitarism in Colombia, Cepeda had just published video testimonies of two former paramilitaries who directly accused Uribe and his brother of having participated in the creation of an armed militia in the 1990s. The former president accuses Mr. Cepeda of bribing the witnesses. But, six years later, thwarted, the Supreme Court innocent senator and opened an investigation against Alvaro Uribe for bribing witnesses. The sprinkler is said to be a victim of political persecution.

Fourteen instructions against Uribe

The interrogation lasted seven hours. Across the country, supporters and detractors of the former president have clashed all day with slogans. At the foot of the courthouse, a handful of supporters of the president shout "Uribe, Colombia is with you. Uribe, we love you. " Alberto Duran, trader, explains: "Alvaro Uribe is the best president in Colombia. He delivered us from guerrilla warfare. He is today a victim of a politicized justice, infiltrated by the communists. "

On the sidewalk opposite, the more numerous anti-Uribists were also brought up. Uribe, paramilitary, They cry. "Former President Alvaro Uribe has a heavy responsibility in hundreds of crimes that have been committed in Colombia, under the pretext of fighting against guerrillas, explains Marcelo Tobar, law student. It is time for him to answer to justice. "


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