"The problems Huawei faces are just passengers"

Chinese telecommunications giant Ken Hu's boss is defeating US accusations against his company.

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In Paris, on October 17th.
In Paris, on October 17th. BRUNO LEVY FOR "THE WORLD"

Presented by the United States as a business at risk for their national security, the Chinese giant Huawei must now do without Google services for its latest smartphones and is in a difficult position to impose its solutions on the global market of 5G. Ken Hu, the executive director of the company, responds to US accusations and presents to the World the development prospects of society.

Huawei has just released financial results up. Does this mean that US sanctions do not harm your business?

We have overcome the difficulties. The financial status of the company is good, and we have never interrupted deliveries to our customers. Our financial results for the first nine months of 2019 are satisfactory, with an increase of more than 24% of our revenues worldwide, and revenues already amounting to $ 85.7 billion (76.7 billion euros). In fact, we are confident that our revenues for the entire year will exceed $ 100 billion. Our sales in Europe remained stable despite the situation, although it is true that our national market (China) is much more dynamic than before, especially for the sale of smartphones.

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However, the sanctions against us are not without impact on the smooth running of society. In the design and manufacture of our products, technological choices have always been based on a globalized economy and a global supply chain, in which US suppliers play a very important role. We buy a lot of components and parts in the United States. From now on, we are forced to turn more to European, Japanese and Chinese suppliers. This represents an additional cost, because we must invest in order to evaluate and validate these companies, their technologies and their products.

Do you understand Huawei's fears, particularly in terms of his relations with the Chinese state?

If we have fears only because we harbor suspicion, it is not favorable to the economy or to technological progress. We must observe the facts, look for evidence. We can not predict the future, but we can look back.

In thirty years, there has never been evidence of security problems at Huawei

In thirty years, there has never been any evidence of security problems at Huawei. But I can answer from a legal point of view. Chinese law imposes certain obligations on companies, but this constraint does not extend beyond the national border. As far as data protection is concerned, we are in full compliance with the European regulatory framework, and all our data in Europe will never leave Europe.


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