among the Blues, a generation "kneaded with talent" … for 2023

Penaud, Dupont, Ntamack, Barassi, Bamba … They are barely over 20 years old. But if you want to count on them in four years, their clubs will have to preserve them.

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Antoine Dupont (left) and Romain Ntamack, February 22, 2019 in Saint-Denis, the young generation of the XV of France.
Antoine Dupont (left) and Romain Ntamack, February 22, 2019 in Saint-Denis, the young generation of the XV of France. Franck Fife / AFP

How can one think of the next World Cup, when it is so difficult to accept leaving the current one? "It's too far for us to project", responds immediately Damian Penaud, who changed his crampons taps. Barely time to cash this quarter-final lost (19-20) against the Welsh, Sunday, October 20 in Oita, the questions bring them back yet to 2023. The year of the next World Cup in France, where all the hopes are now coming.

The three-quarter center of Clermont is only 23 years old. Antoine Dupont and Romain Ntamack, the half-breed of Toulouse, 22 and 20 years old. "Young people are growing more and more, and the old ones are finding themselves a little towards the exitsmiled the Clermontois. Now, it's up to us to try to get that cock back in the years to come. "

One can not say which gallinace he evokes in particular, that of his polo shirt, his shorts, his jacket … But we can see which generation he wants to talk about. A young guard "Kneaded with talent", to quote the opener Camille Lopez, a thirty-something.

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Earn consistently

Attention, warns Jean-Baptiste Elissalde, coach of the rear until this autumn: "I hope our younger generation is not going to stop there, that they will remember every day of this game to work more. " For the sake of consistency, and to avoid such a raging defeat in the future, six minutes from time. "Everyone in his club needs to aim higher, train even harder. And that they think about these end of game, these hard times that we lived. "

From this first experience, Romain Ntamack believes that it remains "Lots of things to keep": "The state of mind of the team, already. It's important because we came from far away, we did not have too much play plan before the start of the preparation. "

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With Pierre-Louis Barassi and Demba Bamba, the young man represents the world champion generation under 20, title obtained in 2018. Their successors in the Blueberries have in turn imitated this year, hoping to get on the blue train. If, however, they manage to avoid finishing "Exhausted by the long weeks of championship and European Cup with their clubs"warns Elissalde. "We can not wait every four years to have the time to prepare well to try to compete with the best. The federation and the League must work together to do it ", also warns Toulouse winger Yoann Huget.


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