the optimism displayed by the White House undermined by erratic communication

President Donald Trump salutes his supporters in a car near Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda, Maryland on October 4.

Donald Tump gave himself a getaway, Sunday, October 4. Still officially hospitalized at Walter-Reed, the elite military institution to which he was transferred two days earlier, he took his place, masked, in his presidential limousine, “The Beast”, windows raised, to greet his supporters. in front of the gates. The presidential convoy quickly returned to its starting point where the President of the United States was to spend a third consecutive night.

This unexpected exit was not notified to the group of accredited journalists who follow the tenant of the White House in his every move in the name of transparency. This escapade is part of the will expressed by Donald Trump, Sunday, to stage a combative president, who has already turned the page of his hospitalization to consider his return to business.

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As much Donald Trump had been silent on his Twitter account on Friday, fueling the questions that his transfer to Walter-Reed had confirmed, this account has resumed its function of metronome of presidential moods. He allowed him to broadcast, on Saturday, a first video showing him seated behind a desk and thanking all the people who have expressed their sympathy, before welcoming the “Miracles” enabled by advances in the treatment of coronavirus. These drugs “Come from God”, he added.

On Sunday, filmed this time standing, he announced his visit to his supporters also by a video published just moments before his departure.

A patient “who is doing very well”

US President Donald Trump on October 4 at Walter-Reed Military Hospital, Maryland.

This voluntarism did not, however, mask the particularly chaotic management by the White House of the contamination and then of the hospitalization of the president. Ella started just hours after Donald Trump’s positive test was announced, when White House Secretary General Mark Meadows spoke of “Mild symptoms” denied in the middle of the afternoon by the transfer to Walter-Reed.

Late Saturday morning White House doctor Sean Conley spoke about a patient “Who is doing very well” and whose symptoms “Reduce and improve”, while a source, whose anonymity was immediately shattered because it was the same Mark Meadows, at the same time drew up a dramatic picture of the past hours. “The President’s vital signs over the past twenty-four hours have been very disturbing, and the next forty-eight hours will be critical in care. We still haven’t taken a clear path to recovery ”, he assured.

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