the campaign continues despite Donald Trump’s hospitalization

As the presidential election on November 3 approaches, The world keeps the campaign log. A daily update, with campaign facts, political advertisements, polls, maps and figures that allow you to follow and experience the most important electoral competition in the world.

Donald Trump's doctor, Sean Conley, during a press briefing on the President's health at Walter-Reed Hospital, near Washington, on October 4.

Donald Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, spoke on Sunday, October 4, of a close return to the White House of the president transferred two days earlier to the Walter Reed military hospital, in the suburbs of Washington. It could take place as early as Monday at best. On the other hand, Sean Conley was not able to give the slightest indication about a return to the campaign, four weeks before the November 3 poll.

Officially, the mandate and the presidential race continue as if nothing had happened. The White House immediately ruled out a transfer of executive power to Vice President Mike Pence after the news of Donald Trump’s positive test was announced. The latter strives to portray himself as a man who remained in business despite his hospitalization by the publication of photos or videos published on his account Twitter.

Donald Trump even offered himself a virtual walkabout by coming to greet, aboard the presidential limousine, the supporters gathered behind the gates of the hospital. However, he risks being permanently kept out of a campaign that has been running for more than a month at a rapid pace. His impressive physical condition allowed it despite his age, 74 years old. No one knows if Donald Trump will be able to resume by November 3 with his bulimia of meetings organized since the epidemic outdoors, on airport tarmacs. He can express himself there sometimes for nearly two hours, standing, in the cool of the night.

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The disease deprives for the moment of this major asset who has never ceased to oppose his dynamism to the supposed weakness of his opponents, in 2016 as four years later. Long mocked for the precautions taken in the face of the threat posed by the virus, the main opponent of the outgoing president, Democrat Joe Biden, finds himself, for an indefinite period, alone on the scene.

He does not intend to suspend his campaign and was satisfied, after the hospitalization of Donald Trump, to announce the freezing of the diffusion of negative advertisements in the States where the election of November 3 will be played out. The former vice-president was to campaign in Florida on Monday. He now publishes the results of Covid-19 screening tests every day to contrast with the opacity that weighs on the chronology of Donald Trump’s contamination.

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