The health of Bernie Sanders and the impeachment procedure against Trump, thematic of the day of the Democratic primary

The Vermont Senator suspended his campaign after surgery on a clogged artery. Vice President Joe Biden is suffering from Donald Trump's attacks on his integrity.

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Bernie Sanders visiting the Dartmouth College Campus in Hanover, New Hampshire, September 29th.
Bernie Sanders visiting the Dartmouth College Campus in Hanover, New Hampshire, September 29th. CHERYL SENTER / AP

The ricochet of impeachment proceedings against the President of the United States, a health accident: two unexpected campaign events are about to change the race for the Democratic nomination for the presidential 2020 2020. Two of the three candidates who get so far the most voting intentions are indeed weakened.

Dean of the contenders, Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, 78, suffered Tuesday night 1st October, a surgical procedure necessitated by a blocked artery. The elected representative was traveling to Las Vegas, Nevada, when he felt discomfort in the rib cage. Two stents were put to him. A fall in a bathroom in March had already earned him seven stitches.

His family on Wednesday increased reassuring messages, but Bernie Sanders was forced to interrupt his campaign "until further notice" to rest. The next crucial rendezvous for this figure of the American left wing is set for October 15: it is the fourth democratic debate that will bring together twelve candidates.

So far, the very energetic senator from Vermont has always been able to rule out issues related to his age. "What's important in the end is not whether you're young or old, but what you believe in"he estimated in April.

Bernie in a slowdown

Former President Jimmy Carter, who became the oldest surviving ex-president on Tuesday, celebrating his 95th birthday, had responded in September by arguing for an age limit for the presidential office. "If I was 80 years old, if I was fifteen years old, I do not think I could take on the duties I had during my presidency", from 1977 to 1981, he had assured.

This hospitalization comes as the Vermont senator was already losing ground in terms of voting intentions compared to Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Barack Obama Vice President Joe Biden. He still manages to mobilize his army of small donors. The 25.3 million dollars (23 million euros) collected during the third quarter of the current year attest to this.


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