Donald Trump openly calls on China to investigate rival Joe Biden

Threatened by impeachment proceedings for asking his Ukrainian counterpart for compromising information about Joe Biden, the US president said he could make the same request to the Chinese president.

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President Trump in front of the press, Thursday, October 3 at the White House, before boarding for Florida. Andrew Harnik / AP

As the impeachment procedure against him accelerates in Congress, the American president persists and signs. On Thursday, October 3, Donald Trump openly called on China to investigate his rival Joe Biden. "China should launch an investigation into the Biden because what happened in China is just as bad as what happened in Ukraine"said the president to the press.

The US president is under threat of indictment (Impeachment) after he asked his Ukrainian counterpart to help him gather incriminating information about Joe Biden, well placed to face him in the 2020 presidential election.

Martelant that his exchange with Volodymyr Zelensky was " perfect " and his legitimate request, Donald Trump took a new course on Thursday stating that he could " certainly " make the same request to the Chinese President. The Republican billionaire repeats to the envy that Joe Biden and his son Hunter have "Scammed China and Ukraine".

A dark Ukrainian affair

Donald Trump "Makes the grotesque choice of telling lies rather than the truth and placing one's personal interest above that of the country", immediately denounced Joe Biden's team. His son Hunter, a lawyer and financier, sat on the watchdog committee of a Ukrainian gas group and invested in China when his father was vice president of Barack Obama. He has never been worried by the justice of these countries.

But for Donald Trump and his entourage, Hunter Biden took advantage of his father's position to earn considerable sums. In addition, they say, Joe Biden claimed the head of a Ukrainian prosecutor who, according to them, was very interested in the business of Hunter Biden's business.

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In 2015, the former vice president called for the dismissal of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, but as part of an international campaign against corruption because the official was suspected of hindering reforms. At the time, no one had doubted his motives. A few months ago, however, Donald Trump's personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, took steps with the Ukrainian authorities to try to convince them to open an investigation into the Biden.

Trump denounces a "coup"

In a telephone interview in late July, Donald Trump asked the Ukrainian president to "To lean" on the file and discuss it with his lawyer. It is this call, made public after the report of a mysterious whistleblower, which is worth to him today to be threatened by a dismissal procedure.

Democrats believe that the White House tenant abused his power for personal gain and sought to establish the extent to which he resorted to state means. As part of their investigation, they summoned Kurt Volker, who was US Special Envoy for Ukraine until his resignation Friday, to the House of Representatives.

Ulcerated by a procedure that, even if it is unlikely to result in his dismissal, cast a shadow on his reelection campaign, Donald Trump has been engaged in a verbal overbidding for a few days. Gone are the days when he was ironic about a 'Joke' who did not deserve to be stopped. From now on, he is eruptive against " bullshit " Democrats, denounces a " Rebellion ", evokes risks of " civil war ".

On Thursday morning, he launched a new salvo on Twitter against the elected Democrat Adam Schiff who oversees the investigation against him. "Schiff is a thug who should resign (at least!)", he wrote, after suggesting two days ago to judge him for "Treason".

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