Adam Schiff, chief investigator of impeachment against Donald Trump

At 59, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, a former prosecutor, coordinates the parliamentary inquiry. With calm, but not without failures.

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Speaker of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (Democrat), November 4 at Capitol Hill, Washington. ANDREW HARNIK / AP

"We are not in Vietnam! We are bowling! There are rules! " In the face of the incessant outbursts of Republican elected officials, it is possible that Adam Schiff rethinks from time to time this tirade of John Goodman, aka Walter Sobchak, the irascible partner of the Dude, Jeff Bridges, in The Big Lebowski. The chairman of the House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee, which heads the investigation on which Donald Trump's indictment is based, is reputed to know the dialogues of this film monument by heart.

Nothing surprising for a fifty year old Democrat, elected from Hollywood moreover, even if his always impeccable setting and his compunction are as far removed as possible from the very loose hero of the brothers Ethan and Joel Coen. After graduating from law school at Harvard, who became an assistant to a Los Angeles public prosecutor, Adam Schiff wrote the script of a thriller, Minautor, whose protagonist was also a prosecutor. He traded fiction against documentary, for what will become a chapter of history, or a simple footnote, according to his epilogue.

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At 59, he is ripe for the race. Re-elected without interruption since 2000, he was named in 2014, the highest responsibility for a Democrat of an intelligence commission presided then by the Republican Devin Nunes (California). He was scrapped against the investigation into the deadly attack on US diplomatic representation in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012. The current Democratic minority leader Kevin McCarthy (California) had bluntly presented these investigations as a means of embarrass the future Democratic presidential candidate of 2016, Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State at the time of the facts.

Man to slaughter

Adam Schiff then followed, from this same privileged lodge, the investigation devoted to the Russian interferences during the 2016 presidential election. The opportunity to consolidate his enmity with Devin Nunes, whom he replaced in favor of the Democratic victory at the House, in mid-term elections.

At the beginning of the year, the Democrat counted among the elected officials who refused to consider the great means against the President of the United States. His mentor, the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, also from California, believed that the way to an impeachment of Donald Trump necessarily passed by a consensus between the two parties. " He is not worth it "she said, and Adam Schiff thought no less.


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