Australian female footballers get equal pay with men

An agreement unveiled Wednesday and concluded for four years, provides that the players of the national team, the Matildas, will receive the same salary as their male counterparts.

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At the World Cup in France in June, forward Samantha Kerr and her teammates from the Australian team were eliminated in the round of 16 by Norway. VALERY HACHE / AFP

Same job, same salary. And that goes for the sport too. Including football. In any case in Australia, where the players of the national team, the Matildas, have just obtained the assurance of receiving the same pay as their male counterparts.

"Football is everybody's game and this new collective agreement is a step towards adopting the values ​​of equality, integration and equal opportunities"said Chris Nikou, president of the Australian Football Federation (FFA), presenting Wednesday, November 6, the terms of the agreement that was concluded for four years.

Under the same agreement, the national team players, the Socceroos, and the players will receive 24% of the revenue collected by the two selections. On this amount, the players have committed to donate 5% to the national youth teams. In addition, the share of the winnings of players who manage to qualify for a World Cup will increase from 30% to 40%. Just like the players, the players will make their trips abroad in business class.

"It's a bit like what we've always dreamed of"

"As a footballer, it's a bit like what we've always dreamed of", Elise Kellond-Knight, the Matildas midfielder, said the agreement reflects a "Respect" towards women.

At the World Cup in June in France, the Australian team was eliminated in the round of 16 by Norway.

Mark Milligan, captain of the Australian national team, for his part felt that the women had obtained "What they deserve".

The general manager of Australian professional footballers, John Didulica, has called the agreement a contract 'Unique' in the world of football. "We believe that it will serve as an example for all federations and all players, both men and women, and will allow them to take advantage of the incredible social and commercial opportunity that women's football especially represents", did he declare.

This agreement comes after the signing, a few months ago, of an agreement that provides that Australian female footballers will receive the same minimum wage as their male counterparts.

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