"The psychodrama of Brexit is the product of two pathologies: populism and dogmatism"

For Alain Frachon, editorialist at the "World", if the Commons are debating in vain ways to leave the EU, the fault lies with the conservatives who imposed a hard Brexit.

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Chronic. They were said to be elevated to empiricism. Pragmatism was part of their national heritage – like representative democracy, Wimbledon and fish and chips. Among British cousins, we readily admired what was a little the opposite of our French passions – the delusions of ideology maintained in a climate of permanent civil war. We must believe that we were wrong.

The psychodrama of Brexit is today the product of two pathologies that the UK was thought to be largely unscathed: populism and dogmatism. This explosive cocktail is the fuel that feeds the political crisis that the British are experiencing. Conservative Boris Johnson, the minority prime minister, put the Parliament on holidays. Brexiter opportunist, more than conviction, Johnson defends no less a hard line: the country must leave the European Union (EU) by October 31, even without a divorce agreement with Brussels – what we call the exit "no deal".

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For the fundamentalists of Brexit, leaving the EU is not a questionable position, rather a creed of a religious nature

But there is no majority in the Commons for this formula. Most of the Labor opposition and a strong minority of conservatives believe that the "no deal" would be too harsh on the British economy. The war is front-end with the Johnson team, made up of Brexit fundamentalists. For them, the EU is the source of all the ills of the country and must come out, even at the cost of a "no deal". This is not a questionable position, rather a creed of a religious nature. In one way or another, in a few weeks or months, we will return to the polls, the only way out of the conflict.

The "people" against the "elites"

Johnson side, we have already set the tone and the stake of the debate. The campaign will be conducted not by an elected official, but by a shadowy cabinet minister, Dominic Cummings, one of those princes of the darkness of contemporary politics. He was the leader of the referendum campaign for the "Leave" – ​​"one part" – of June 2016, which saw 52% of Britons vote for Brexit. The London press accuses him of some of the biggest hucksters of the time to believe that Brexit would save the country's health system and block the immigration of millions of Turkish workers (because, of course, Turkey was going to to join, tomorrow, the EU …).


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