Where does the myth of extraterrestrials come from in zone 51?

video The Nellis military base, in the Nevada desert, is the source of many fantasies, including a book published in the 1980s.

For decades, Area 51 has been fueling the rumor of an extraterrestrial presence in part of the Nellis Air Force Base, a gigantic US air base in the Nevada desert.

This myth, born in the 1980s, especially thanks to a book, is particularly tenacious. As proof, on Facebook, more than two million people said they were interested in "Storm area 51". This event, launched in the form of a joke at the beginning of the summer, and scheduled for September 20, 2019. The idea is to invade massively this famous zone 51, with the objective of discovering whether, yes or no, the American army there hiding extraterrestrials. Initially conceived as a joke, the success of this event on Facebook has frightened its author, who canceled his appointment.


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