Did the President of the Supreme Court convey a message with a spider pin?

The jewel of Brenda Hale, who announced Tuesday that the decision by Boris Johnson to suspend Parliament was illegal, has elicited many comments.

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President of the British Supreme Court Brenda Hale on September 24 in London.
President of the British Supreme Court Brenda Hale on September 24 in London. Supreme Court / AP

DBreather Hale was the main actress of a momentous episode in the breathtaking serial drama of Brexit: She, as President of the Supreme Court, announced on Tuesday, September 24, that the decision made by Boris Johnson to suspend the British Parliament was illegal.

But Lady Hale also marked the spirits by wearing, during this historic declaration, a spider-shaped spider. The silver jewel delighted the audience of the ad, broadcast live, as well as social networks.

Quickly, a T-shirt with a silver spider was put on sale on eBay, for 10 pounds (11.35 euros). Balcony Shirts, the company that created the garment – and which is located in Uxbridge, in the constituency where Boris Johnson is elected – promised to donate 30% of the profits to a homeless defense association.

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Parallel with Brexit?

Many observers wonder: what message did the President of the Supreme Court want to convey? For some, Lady Hale's Spider Brooch is an allusion to the writer Walter Scott: " Oh ! what tangled canvas we are weaving / When we undertake to deceive ", he wrote in Marmion (1808). The parallel with the Brexit and his confusion or, at his choice, the alleged lie of Boris Johnson to the queen asking him to suspend Parliament is quickly done.

The judge, the first woman to preside over the Supreme Court, is customary animal brooches – dragonfly, caterpillar or frog – willingly worn on her right shoulder, as evidenced photos on Twitter. A spokesperson for the Court, interviewed by Agence France-Presse on the supposed message of the jewel, left the mystery hanging: "Lady Hale has a small collection of brooches, offered or bought, that's all I can say. "

Brenda Hale is wearing a caterpillar brooch on a photo taken in July 2016.
Brenda Hale carries a caterpillar brooch on a photo taken in July 2016. KEVIN LEIGHTON / UK SUPREME COURT / via REUTERS

The British daily The Guardian recalls on his site some precedents of "diplomacy of the brooch". In 2018, during the visit of Donald Trump in the United Kingdom, Queen Elizabeth II had successively pinned on her clothes a brooch donated by the Obama couple, a second given by Canada, then that worn by his mother at the funeral of his father, King George VI. US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (1997-2001), for her part, said that she had started picking pins to get messages: it was because Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had compared her to a snake. she had decided to wear a brooch with the likeness of this animal.


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