Boris Johnson returns to Parliament in an explosive atmosphere

Screaming, vitriolic exchanges and threatened MPs: the political climate in London is still more deleterious, after the Supreme Court's snub to the prime minister on Tuesday.

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British MPs in the House of Commons, London, September 25.
British MPs in the House of Commons, London, September 25. JESSICA TAYLOR / AP

What does a British Parliament look like, reopened in an emergency following a landmark Supreme Court decision that declared "Illegal" his suspension by the prime minister? Has a real battlefield.

On Wednesday, September 25, the show was in the House of Commons, for the first face to face between a Boris Johnson humiliated by the highest court in the country, and an opposition excited by an unprecedented judicial victory.

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There were screams, a lot of vitriolic exchanges, constant interruptions of "Oooordeeer" messy. But in substance, on the question of how to break the Brexit impasse, the debate has not moved forward one inch. Boris Johnson refused to apologize for his illegal extension, continued to promise a divorce with the European Union (EU) for October 31, despite the explosion in flight of his strategy of a Brexit "do or die" early September. Jeremy Corbyn, the opposition leader, called for his head again, but once again refused an immediate general election.

Rushing hastily from New York, where he had to shorten his presence at the UN General Assembly, he is a combative Boris Johnson, even aggressive, who returned to the arena of Parliament on Wednesday night. But still so evasive about his intentions, even about his commitment to respect the rules. The unanimous decision of the eleven judges of the Supreme Court the day before? The government "Respect it" assures the prime minister; but he continues to say that he is not " disagree " with her and even she "Was wrong" to pronounce "On a political issue".

The people against the Parliament

Will it stick to the law "anti-no deal" voted by the Parliament in early September, forcing him to claim at the end of October a gap of three months of Brexit in the absence of new agreement with Brussels? " Yes ", But "I will realize Brexit on October 31st".

How will it solve this contradiction? By winning a deal, obviously. Where are his discussions with the Europeans? We negotiate "Thoroughly" swear Mr Johnson, while everything in Brussels indicates that negotiations are stalling.

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Constantly taking witness "People watching us" (The debates are broadcast live on the Commons website.) Boris Johnson has once again played his part, now well-honed, of the people against Parliament. This Parliament is "Paralyzed", "the truth is that he does not want Brexit", opposition "Sabotages" negotiations with Brussels, but he and his government "Will not betray people," who just want the June 2016 referendum to be respected.


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