Rohani ignores calls to meet Trump at the UN

"Our response to any negotiations as long as there are sanctions is negative," the Iranian president said on Wednesday.

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End of suspense. Despite an intense diplomatic frenzy at the UN, Iranian President Hassan Rohani said " no ", Wednesday, September 25, at any meeting with his American counterpart Donald Trump this week in New York. "Our response to any negotiation as long as there are sanctions is negative"said Hassan Rohani at the UN General Assembly forum.

"The souvenir photos are the last step of a negotiation, not the first", he said, while Donald Trump, still in search of a diplomatic coup at one year of the US presidential election, was willing to meet the Iranian leader.

It is therefore the failure, at this stage, of the mediation led by Emmanuel Macron and other European or Asian leaders. The French president had launched at the end of August at the G7 summit in Biarritz the idea of ​​such a historic interview to bring down tensions between the United States and Iran, which have become even worse since the September 14 attacks on terrorists. oil installations in Saudi Arabia, imputed to Tehran by Westerners.

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"Harden" the sanctions

"For talks to be engaged, the agreements must be respected"President Rohani pointed out again, blaming the Republican billionaire who slammed the door in 2018 of the 2015 Iran International Nuclear Pact and reintroduced tough sanctions against Tehran.

Instead of easing sanctions, as Tehran claims and as the Europeans hoped, the White House host did the opposite. Donald Trump promised, on Tuesday, to this same global platform, the "Harden" so "That the threatening attitude of Iran will continue".

And the head of the American diplomacy Mike Pompeo took action immediately, announcing on Wednesday sanctions against Chinese companies accused of "Knowingly carrying oil from Iran" in "Violation" of the US embargo. Donald Trump did not say a single word on the hottest issue of US foreign policy during his final press conference Wednesday.

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