London, Paris and Berlin accuse Iran of being responsible for attacks in Saudi Arabia

On the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, leaders of the three countries urge Tehran to "refrain from further provocation".

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"It is clear to us that Iran bears the responsibility of the attack " of September 14, against the Saudi oil installations, wrote the French leaders, German and British, Emmanuel Macron, Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson, in a joint communique published Monday, September 23, result of a meeting on the sidelines of the General Assembly United Nations (UN) in New York. France and Germany are joining Saudi Arabia, the United States and Britain, who have already accused Iran of being behind the attack, which Tehran formally denies. They urge Tehran to "Refrain from further provocation".

"The United States thanks our close friends, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, for their clear statement of Iran's sole responsibility in the war against Saudi Arabia and its impact on the region and the world »responded US PM Mike Pompeo on Twitter. "It will strengthen diplomacy and the cause of peace. We urge all countries to join this condemnation of Iran's actions. "

Major diplomatic maneuvers were underway Monday on the sidelines of the GA to try to return to de-escalation in the region and to organize a historic meeting of US Presidents Donald Trump and Iranian Hassan Rohani. "We have nothing planned at this stage"said the Republican billionaire, adding thereafter: "I never exclude anything. " Emmanuel Macron, on the front line in these efforts, met for the first time on Monday morning his American counterpart – he should see him again on Tuesday – and spoke for over an hour and a half with Hassan Rohani, coming out of this meeting without the slightest comment.

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The Elysee was content to explain, in a brief statement, that the French president had exposed to the Iranian president "Our reading of the September 14 attacks". He also told her that "The path of de-escalation is narrow but more necessary than ever and the time has come for Iran to take it."

A regional cooperation plan will be presented

The leaders of the three European countries that signed the Iran nuclear deal – with Russia, China and Iran – also insisted on the need 'Collective' to enhance security in the Gulf. "These attacks have been directed against Saudi Arabia, but they affect all countries and increase the risk of major conflict"they said. "They recall the importance of collective efforts to promote stability and regional security, including finding a political solution to the ongoing conflict in Yemen. "

They once again called on Iran to return to compliance with the 2015 JCPOA agreement, which is supposed to prevent it from gaining access to nuclear weapons, and to engage in negotiations on its role in regional security. . In an interview with the American channel NBC, the British prime minister even called to negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran " better " than that of 2015. "I think there's a guy who can come to a better deal … and he's the president of the United States. Let's make a Trump deal. "

Westerners accuse Tehran of having hegemonic aims in the region, via the relay of militias on the spot, along an arch from Lebanon to Iraq through Syria. Tehran defends itself, assuring that it wants above all to guarantee its security against its neighbors and rivals in the Gulf.

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Before flying to New York, President Rohani said that Iran would submit to the UN a regional cooperation plan to ensure the security of the Gulf waters. The United States denounced in May 2018 the international agreement on Iran's nuclear power and reintroduced heavy economic sanctions against Iran. Tehran retaliated a year later by starting to unravel the deal, while its economy is heavily burdened by sanctions.


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