"FIFA 20" judged worse than "eFootball PES 2020"

The Electronic Arts series, in a quasi-commercial monopoly situation, failed to renew itself against a rival in full swing, the press reported.

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For the first time in years, the reference status of "FIFA" is unanimously questioned by the press.
For the first time in years, the reference status of "FIFA" is unanimously questioned by the press. Electronic Arts

This is a small event in the world of sports simulations. In the "gamevideo", the virtual derby that opposes each year the two most famous football games, PES (Konami) is ironed before FIFA (EA) in terms of quality, according to the critics.

If we refer to the aggregative site Metacritic, FIFA 20, released Friday, September 27 on consoles and PC, a weighted score on PlayStation 4 score of 80/100, against 81 for his rival eFootball PES 2020. This is the first time since 2015 and only the third time since the end of its golden age, in 2006, that the series of Konami returns to the front. The comments of Internet users go in the same direction.

"Eighth version of a game too spectacular"

In France, Jeuxvidéo.com awards a score of 14/20 to FIFA 20, against 16/20 for eFootball 2020. The most read French specialized site raises the pharaonic content of this 2020 edition of FIFA, despite the loss of rights to Juventus Turin, with the arrival of a street football mode a little anecdotal, and an incredibly immersive atmosphere.

But he finds a flagrant lack of news, control in hand, the persistence of annoying bugs and a mode Football Ultimate Team (FUT) always as much "Time-consuming and" pognonphage "" – you have to pay to increase your chances of having the best players. Jeuxvideo.com salutes on the contrary in the game of Konami "A careful, credible and above all satisfying in the right line of his excellent predecessor. But it also keeps its major weakness, namely a content that struggles to expand.

Same power struggle on Gamekult, who attributes a little shiny 6/10 to FIFA 20, which he considers to be "Yet another spectacular and unbalanced version of a game with badly used assets", guilty, in his eyes, of favoring the show and the wingers too much, to the detriment of all realism. On the contrary, and despite a defense considered less rigorous this year, PES 2020, boasted for his "Aesthetics of construction" and his situations of varied strikes, harvest a 7/10:

"Set of phases placed par excellence, it remains this fabulous machine to distribute the balloons, whose tempo ever more controlled allows to appreciate each pass, each movement. "

"FIFA 20 is everything for action"

The feeling is shared on the side of the sports press. The Team is surprised at how little progress FIFA 20 compared to FIFA 19. "Rarely has it seemed so close to one opus to another, giving the impression that the American publisher has kept under the pedal for the next generation of consoles" (which should be launched at the end of 2020).

Conversely, eFootball PES 2020 "Offers a sufficiently qualitative gameplay to legitimately claim the status of the best football simulation of the year"believes the sports daily, seduced by his feelings. "Turning the leather seems all the more enjoyable as the movements of teammates controlled by artificial intelligence are now more relevant, with solutions made according to the profile of the smuggler. "

In the international press, The Guardian is a little more lenient with the title of Electronic Arts: "He's not trying to compete with the brain pass game of PES 2020. FIFA 20it's all for action. It will not be suitable for purists, but it is typically the game on which it is difficult to refuse a last small party one evening at 11 pm, a day before office / university / school the next day. " The British daily, however, worries about the pervasive place taken by chance and purchases in the FUT mode, bringing it closer to a gambling game.

The most murderous opinion on eFootball PES 2020 comes from him Telegraph, which only grants him three stars out of five. While recognizing that he is the one who comes close to the perfection of the gamepad, the journalist Tom Hoggins plagues his content still too limited, his graphic achievement uneven, and especially some defensive largesse he found. Not without admitting that he plays Watford, the current Premier League, and may be an example "Art that imitates life".


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