Trump confronted with the proliferation of whistleblowers

A specialized law firm claims to represent not one, not two, but several whistleblowers.

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A second whistleblower was heard by Inspector General of Intelligence Michael Atkinson. Others would have contacted a law firm. ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP

How many are they ? After the first whistleblower, the New York Times On Friday evening, he mentioned the existence of a second whistleblower, who would also be alarmed by the attitude of the US president vis-à-vis Ukraine. On Sunday, ABC television announces that this second whistleblower has given first-hand information on the Ukrainian case which is worth to Donald Trump dismissal procedure initiated by his opponents Democrats.

"I can confirm information about a second whistleblower defended by our legal team"said Mark Zaid, the lawyer for the intelligence services member, retweeting information from the ABC channel that described the informant as a "Member of the intelligence services". This person has "Also makes a statement protected by law and can not suffer retaliation. This whistleblower has first hand information »says Mark Zaid.

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Several whistleblowers

Another lawyer at his firm suggested that there could be more than two whistleblowers. "I can confirm that my firm and my team represent several whistleblowers", tweeted Andrew Bakaj, the founder of the firm Compass Rose Legal Group, whose firm defends the interests of a first member of the intelligence services who reported that a July 25 telephone conversation between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart was, according to him, inappropriate.

During the call, the US president asked Volodymyr Zelensky to help him gather incriminating information about Democratic candidate Joe Biden, who was well positioned to face him in the 2020 presidential election.

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The first whistleblower had worried about the content of the appeal between the US and Ukrainian presidents, saying that Mr Trump had "Solicited the interference" of Ukraine in the campaign for his reelection and accusing the White House of having sought to "Stifle the scandal".

The US intelligence official said he had not directly attended the call but had spoken with more than half a dozen officials "Very troubled" by the exchange.

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The Democrats announced on September 24 the opening of an inquiry into the House of Representatives in a rare impeachment proceeding against Donald Trump.

44% of Americans support impeachment

This procedure should at this stage bump on the Republican majority in the Senate, where would take place its possible " trial " if the House, with a Democratic majority, voted to indict him (Impeachment).

Support for President Trump's impeachment still has a long way to go, with just under half of the population in favor of the procedure, polls conducted by Monmouth University (44% in favor) and CNN (47%).

But, as CNN notes, "The change is mostly felt by independent voters and Republicans. Support for impeachment increased by 11 points to 46% for the self-employed and eight points to 14% for the Republicans.

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The concern of the former director of the CIA

Former CIA director John Brennan, serving under former President Barack Obama, known for his harsh criticism of Donald Trump, questioned Sunday the stability of the United States under the presidency of the Republican President. "The democratic principles on which this country is based (are) eroding", he warned in an interview on the NBC channel. Asked how the CIA could assess the stability of the government, he said that "We would consider it a very corrupt government that is under the influence right now of this powerful individual who has corrupted the institutions and laws of this country.. I think it's no longer a democracy if an autocrat (…) has it in his hands ", he added.


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