three minutes of happiness for Namibia, the XV of France deals with gifts

Before the day off Monday, Namibia pleased his coach before taking 71 points; and the Blues did everything to keep Tonga in the game.

Time to Reading 3 min.

It was today

  • France-Tonga (23-21, Pool C)
By winning against Namibia, the French can afford a miss against the XV of the Rose for their last group match. Aaron Favila / AP

Equal to themselves, the Blues alternated hot and cold. After a good first half hour, the Blues cashed a try just before half-time, returning to the locker room with a short lead (17-10). Maladroit and undisciplined, the XV of France ended up winning in pain against the Tongan, finishing the game with two small points ahead.

A win enough to qualify for the quarter-finals, but content may be insufficient to hope to defeat the English, who had themselves got the offensive bonus point against Tonga. Can the Blues win the Crunch and finish first in their group? Answer Saturday, October 12th.

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  • New Zealand – Namibia (71-9, Pool D)
The All Blacks took a long time to get into the match against the Namibians.
The All Blacks took a long time to get into the match against the Namibians. ISSEI KATO / REUTERS

Everyone expected a big win in New Zealand and yet it was the Namibians who led the scoreline for the first three minutes. The Namibian XV has long resisted, being led by one point until the half-hour of play. After a beginning of the piano match, the Blacks then chained, scoring eleven tries. The first Anton Lienert-Brown center distinguished itself by scoring two and scoring all. Auspicious for the rest of the competition.

New Zealand is not yet qualified for quarterbacks, but it's just like. So that the Blacks do not reach the final stages, it would be necessary that they lose, Saturday, October 12, in front of an Italy obtaining the point of offensive bonus and that the South Africans do as much against Canada.

It's tomorrow

This Monday is a day of rest for all lovers of the oval. The opportunity to remember the best of French flair hoping that the XV of France is inspired by the rest of the competition. Or just to sleep in.

It's seen

Former international Phil Davies can not believe it. At the head of the Namibian XV since 2015, the coach knew that this World Cup would not be a pleasure for his team. And after conceding 47 points against Italy and 57 against South Africa, he did not imagine his team to advance the Blacks to the mark. Well, that lead only lasted three minutes, but the performance obviously surprised Phil Davies.

It is said

I'm not going to talk about arbitration, I have to take the time to review the situations. But actually, at times, it was like swimming.

If the coach of the French team, Jacques Brunel, allowed himself this comparison, it is not because of the rain, since the good weather was at the rendezvous against Tonga. We must instead look for the game of "Ikale Tahi": Tongans have spent a good part of the game to dive into the rucks in the hope of scraping balloons to complicate the French releases, without being sanctioned by the arbitrator.



After the victory of his team against Namibia, Sam Whitelock became the fifth player passing the bar of one hundred victories in selection. The second-line New Zealand, which is at its 17 e World Cup success, is also the third player to win the most games in this competition. In front of him, McCaw (20 wins) and Mealamu (19 wins), he could be ahead if the All Blacks win the World Cup by lining Whitelock every game.

(That's done

Namibia also holds a sad record: that of the biggest difference between the points she has put in this World Cup (34) and those she has collected (175). With – 141 points, the only African representative pulverizes the balance sheet of his previous participation (- 104). This may not be over, as the Namibians face off against Canada on Sunday, October 13th.

It's not good at all

France may have chained three victories in three games, the group stage of the XV of France is marked by blunders in the game. After losing 16 balloons against the Argentines, 18 against the Americans, the French managed to make worse against Tongans with 22 ball losses. A record to beat against England?

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