How did Edward Snowden become a whistleblower?

video Six years after being at the origin of the most important leak of documents of the American secret services, the former subcontractor of the NSA recounts his career in "Mémoires vives" (Threshold), to appear in France on September 19th .

In 2009, Edward Snowden is a CIA agent promised a great future in the secret service. A gifted computer scientist, he is only 25 years old and lives under diplomatic cover in Geneva. At the end of spring 2013, however, this young geek becomes the most wanted man on the planet. At this point, Edward Snowden unleashes the biggest leak of secret documents in history. All relayed by the press around the world. These documents reveal the details of US NSA's mass surveillance programs.

Exiled in Russia since his revelations in 2013, the whistleblower tells his story and the origins of his action in a book this week.


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