game at half mast and blow of the spell, Olympique Lyonnais worries ever more

Again insufficient for an hour on Wednesday, OL first thought to avoid the worst before losing 2-1 on an individual error of his captain Anthony Lopes.

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Anthony Lopes in disarray. CARLOS COSTA / AFP

Attending a match of Olympique Lyonnais is this season a challenge imposed on the aesthetes of football, hard work that seems never to end. And we come to thank the providence of not being a spectator who pays his ticket and legitimately expecting a little pleasure in return. Wednesday, October 23, at the stadium of la Luz, cruelty has added to the level of deliquescent play in a defeat 2-1 against Benfica Lisbon.

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For two months, and an incredible series of one win in ten games, OL players are suffering. And we with. When they think finally to have the right to happiness, after the equalization torn by the grace of their only collective action of the meeting (a perfect center of Leo Dubois for a recovery of Memphis Depay, 70e 1-1), it is the most irreproachable of them that vacillates. Squatting and staring, Anthony Lopes, sounded, failed at the worst time.

What went through the head of the Portuguese captain and goalkeeper OL, when he chose to hurriedly raise a balloon in the middle of the axis? Merciless, Pizzi did not ask the question by throwing the ball in the empty goal to offer the victory in extremis to Benfica on the third day of the Champions League.

Sylvinho thanked, the new coach Rudi Garcia, hardly desired by the fans, is not entitled to the traditional state of grace. Last Saturday, his team was unable to score against the red lantern Ligue 1, Dijon (0-0). For the second outing of his coach, Lyon thought for a while to avoid the precipice but finally threw his head first.

"I do not want it at all in Antho"

"I do not want it at all to Antho, I would even say that he fell victim to the fact that he wanted to play fast so that we could score a second goal. I have every confidence in him to earn us lots of points as he does every season. "responded Rudi Garcia in a press conference.

Interviewed at the final whistle in front of the television cameras, the side Léo Dubois also defended his captain one evening: " We can not blame Anthony, he has brought us so much and saved … The mistakes, it happens. We will have to continue to work, but we must keep our heads up. "

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Seventeenth in the league and surprising leader of the group G before the kickoff, it must be said that Lyon had first complicated the task. From the 4the minute, a succession of defensive forgetfulness allowed Rafa Silva to deceive Anthony Lopes quietly (1-0). There followed an hour of indigent quality of play, in which every Lyonnais rivaled technical errors and absurd gestures.


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