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The rugby orgy continues! If England and New Zealand have easily qualified for the first semifinal, the second is decided this morning between, on the one hand, the XV of France and Wales, and on the other hand, the Japan and South Africa.

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It was yesterday

  • England – Australia 40-16
The Australians came back to a point in England just after half-time, after a try (17-16), before collapsing against the English waves. CHRISTOPHE SIMON / AFP

Four years ago, in England, the Australians inflicted a lesson on our neighbors across the Channel: 33-13. The English had not appreciated at all, and since then have made a point of honor to beat the Wallabies: six victories over the six games between the two teams between the two World Cups. And especially, Saturday, October 19, a good correction for the first quarterfinals.

The Australians, however, had returned to a point just after halftime after a try (17-16), before collapsing against the English waves. The Blues can consider themselves happy to have avoided facing the English in the last group game, canceled because of typhoon Hagibis.

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  • Ireland – New Zealand 14-46.

The walk of health in this World continues for the doubles holders of the title. New Zealanders reduced their opponents to a stooge, crushing the quarter-final from start to finish. The Irish had to wait until the 69e minutes to score their first points, thanks to a test by Henshaw.

The humiliation, however, did not go beyond the 2015 quarter-final of the All Blacks against the French team, finished with a score of 62-13.

It's today

The Blues have managed to get out of the group stage, which was not already acquired in the "group of death", thanks to two wins in the snatch against Argentina and Tonga 23-21. The XV of France will have to rise in power, and stop playing only half-time, against Wales, which he has beaten only once in the last eight years, to aim higher and to succeed in the World Cup.

For the more adventurous, you can show your support for the French by putting your cell phone wallpaper in the colors of XV cock. We advise you to keep easily the image of your cat / darling / favorite photo just in case …

It's a story that all the little Japanese rugbymen have been telling for four years before going to bed. Entitled "The Miracle of Brighton", she describes how the Japanese managed to beat the South Africans at the World Cup in 2015 on English soil. A match that changed the image of rugby in Japan. Since then, the "Brave Blossoms" have changed their size, beating Ireland and Scotland to reach the quarterfinals of a rugby World Cup, a first. And they dream of writing a new chapter in their fairy tale.



This is the number of meetings of the XV of Ireland directed by Joe Schmidt. The Irish-New Zealander (he acquired the Irish nationality in 2015) had announced a year ago that he would not continue the adventure with the selection after the World Cup. Since 2013, his record is impressive: 53 victories, including two prestigious test-match against New Zealand (end of 2016 and end of 2018), which had never happened, three tournaments of six nations, with Grand Slam in 2018. The 54-year-old former winger has for now assured that he wanted to rest.

Joe Schmidt, left, talks with his counterpart Steve Hansen before the quarter-final between Ireland and New Zealand on Oct. 9 in Tokyo
Joe Schmidt, left, talks with his counterpart Steve Hansen before the quarter-final between Ireland and New Zealand on October 9 in Tokyo ODD ANDERSEN / AFP

It is said

"I will not get rid of it. You can ask me the question every week, it will not happen. Scientific evidence shows that I'm going faster with the mullet. The study was done at Harvard, I believe. "

Three-quarter center All Blacks Jack Goodhue is adamant: no, he will not cut his famous mullet cut. A victory in the final would be enough to revive this mode?

Jack Goodhue at full speed in the quarter-final against Ireland on October 19 in Tokyo
Jack Goodhue at full speed in the quarter-final against Ireland on October 19 in Tokyo Jae C. Hong / AP

This is the beautiful story

It's not just a picture of a father coming for comfort with his son after a severe elimination in the quarter-finals. Australian opening half Christian Lealiifano is coming back from a distance. From very far away: in August 2016, he is diagnosed with leukemia. After two chemotherapy treatments and a bone marrow transplant, he surprised by the speed of his recovery: first match in February 2017, then ramp up to hold in the quarter-final against England. " What helped me was the smile of my son (…). Without my hair or my eyebrows, he kept smiling at me ", He said in February 2017. The story was particularly told by our colleagues from The Team in their Thursday edition (for their subscribers).

It's windy

The third English line Tom Curry was looking forward to receiving his best player award of the match. A little too much can be. Fortunately, his communication with his teammates in the field is better.

Same punishment for two-time world champion All Blacks Kieran Read, snubbed by the daughter of an Irish player after the match.

This is the consolation prize

Australia is world champion! No, we have not yet discovered a parallel dimension, but better: the Rugby World Cup … to 9. The first edition was held Friday and Saturday in Sydney. The Wallabies won against the All-Blacks 24-10 in the final, after a perfect run.

New Zealand took revenge on the women (17-15), whose competition was held at the same time but with only four teams, against twelve men. But the Australians maliciously humiliated the English 42-4. So, who are the best at rugby?

The French were present in the men's draw but failed to qualify in the semi-finals, with two losses in pools, but saved the honor with a win against … the Welsh (23-6).

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