what we know on the eve of public hearings

While the impeachment procedure of Donald Trump between Wednesday in the phase of public hearings, testimony collected so far have weakened the lines of defense of the US President.

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President Donald Trump on November 8 in Atlanta. Evan Vucci / AP

The procedure for indicting Donald Trump by the House of Representatives will enter a new phase with the start of public hearings, Wednesday, November 13. The November 4-8 release of the in-camera testimony in October has already cast a dark light on the Ukrainian case.

Their reading weakens many lines of defense of the President of the United States, suspected of abuse of power for personal purposes. It also highlights fractures that this file has opened for months within the US administration. While part of Donald Trump's entourage refuses to cooperate with the House of Representatives, denouncing a tried procedure "Illegal" a weak link nevertheless appeared in the person of Gordon Sondland. This businessman appointed ambassador to the European Union in Brussels was in direct contact during this period with a president of the United States whose direct responsibility remains to be established with precision.

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It will be remembered that everything started with the report of a whistleblower, written on August 12, after an alarming telephone conversation between Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky, on July 25. During this conversation, which the White House, under pressure from the Democrats, issued a non-exhaustive account two months later, on September 25, the President of the United States asked " A favor " to his counterpart who had just pointed out to him the need for arms of Ukraine, in the grip of a low-intensity war fueled by pro-Russian separatists.

Donald Trump had hoped that Kiev would open investigations against his political opponents, particularly against the family of Democratic nomination candidate Joe Biden, whose son sat on the board of a Burisma gas company. He also asked Kiev to consider a possible Ukrainian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, which would have been wrongly attributed to Russia according to the president. This thesis is supported by the US conservative press despite the absence of factual evidence.