Washington strengthens sanctions against Iran

The United States announces new measures that target the building sector, which, according to Washington, is linked to the Revolutionary Guards.

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The United States on Thursday [October 31st] announced a targeted strengthening of its sanctions against Iran, targeting the construction sector, which Washington said was linked to the Revolutionary Guards, the main armed force of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Mike Pompeo, the head of the American diplomacy, "Continues restrictions on the Iranian regime's nuclear program"US State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus said in a statement.

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Two sets of decisions involving sanctions have been announced: "One identifying the Iranian building sector as being controlled directly and indirectly by the guardians of the Islamic revolution", and the other linking materials deemed strategic to "Nuclear, ballistic or military programs" from Tehran.

Maximum economic pressure

With these decisions, the United States will have the opportunity to"To prevent Iran from acquiring strategic materials for Revolutionary Guards, its construction sector and its proliferation programs"continues the statement.

The stated objective is to delay or complicate Iran's supposed willingness to rearm or re-consolidate its nuclear sector. Washington unilaterally withdrew in 2018 from the international agreement governing the Iranian nuclear program and reinstated heavy coercive measures against the Iranian economy.

The Trump administration, which intends to continue its policy of maximum economic pressure on Tehran, has nevertheless decided to renew the exemptions of certain non-proliferation projects related to the 2015 Iran nuclear agreement that allow Russia, China and the European Union countries to continue cooperation with Iran, learned Reuters from two sources informed.

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