Ukraine would be worried from 25 July the fate of a US military aid

The public hearing in the House of Representatives Laura Cooper, Wednesday, November 20. Julio Cortez / AP

Following the testimony of Gordon Sondland in the House of Representatives, the public hearing of a Pentagon official also brought new elements on Wednesday. Laura Cooper, Ukraine's defense minister, unveiled for the first time that Ukraine has been worried about the fate of frozen military aid as of July 25, the day of Donald's controversial appeal. Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky, not in August as we thought so far. According to her, the Ukrainian embassy in Washington sent e-mails to her team that day asking basically: "What's going on with safe help? "

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So far, all the witnesses heard in the impeachment proceedings against the US president had claimed that Kyiv had learned of the freeze of aid later, towards the end of August, at least after the 25 July appeal in which Donald Trump has asked his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate his Democratic opponents.

The House of Representatives is still scheduled to question Fiona Hill, a former White House National Security Council official, and David Holmes, an employee of the US embassy in Kiev.

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