Trumpism in check in the face of Covid-19

A flourishing economy, a relatively stable international situation: the first three years of the presidency of the former businessman did not really allow to judge the effectiveness of Trumpism as a method of government in times of crisis. It turned out quite differently when the Covid-19 pandemic began to sweep over the United States. She then cruelly underlined her faults: short-termism, suspicion vis-à-vis expertise and science, the inability to unite, the search for scapegoats, the lack of empathy and the propensity to transform each subject into a presidential plebiscite.

New York, Queens, May 21.  At the Leo Kearns funeral home, employees work twelve hours a day to manage the arrival of the bodies of people who have died from Covid-19.

During two weeks, from March 11 to 24, Donald Trump put on the clothes of the circumstances, defining himself as “President in time of war”. American public opinion, faithful to the reflex of “Rally around the flag”, thanked him for it. He then recorded his highest approval ratings since joining the Oval office, according to site calculations. RealClearPolitics. The parenthesis was closed as soon as the president, sensitive to the pro-business wing of his coalition, campaigned for the reopening of the economy, whatever the risks.

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From then on, his responsibility was eclipsed. The president has repeatedly proven that he trusts his instincts more than his experts despite the circumstances. During the presentation in April of a gradual deconfinement plan “Science-based” and “The latest data available”, Donald Trump is unifying. “We are really all working together, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Progressives. It’s not about politics, it’s about our country ”, he assures.

Brave the rules of confinement

The next day, however, the same man calls on residents of several key states for the November presidential election, led by Democratic governors, to defy containment rules, and a form of rebellion against those who have imposed restrictions. “Free Minnesota! “,” Free Michigan! “ and “Free Virginia”, he launches in a series of messages posted on his Twitter account, in capital letters.

It also touts an untested malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, forcing the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to issue an emergency use authorization on March 28 that the agency Federal government will cancel on June 15, for lack of convincing results.

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