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United States President-elect Joe Biden on December 3, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware.

A duck step

The president-elect is doing well, but he could be better. At the end of November, in the garden of his home in Wilmington, Delaware, he fell while playing with his dog Major and broke his right foot. It is therefore with a hesitant step that he is now moving towards his inauguration, scheduled for January 20 in Washington. Ironically, there are two lame presidents in the United States right now. Across the Atlantic, the expression “Blade duck” (“Lame duck”) indeed designates an elected official at the end of his term of office whose successor is already known, in this case a certain Donald Trump …

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Sworn, Hidden

Fashion lovers won’t have much to say about these boring gray slip-ons. Fans of conspiracy theories, they will find themselves downright speechless in front of it. Because, for a few days, Joe Biden wore a black orthopedic boot that some conspirators suspected not of protecting an injury, but of concealing an electronic bracelet, placed the day after a secret arrest as part of an investigation that will end by sending him to prison … In this case why does the Democrat now sport a simple basketball exposing his ankle?


Since conspiracy theorists know everything, we would also be taking their enlightenment on Joe Biden’s cover art. White, and folded so as to present three ridiculous points, this one cannot decently come under a simple desire for sartorial sophistication. So what’s behind this origami work? To which secret brotherhood does the elected president affirm his membership with this accessory? And what icy triptych represent the three little points? We were thinking of “inelegance”, “outdatedness” and “bad taste”, but it’s obviously too simple.

Color code

This pair of shoes on the feet of one of Joe Biden’s bodyguards has neither charm nor quality, but it allows us to take stock of the legislation in force in the matter of brown. If the eternal rules of elegance of the XIXe century of type “No brown in town” or “No brown after 6” no longer amuse than a few dusty gentlemen, one rule does not suffer any exception: light brown leather shoes (experts say color “whiskey”, “chestnut”, “wagtail” …) are prohibited, before or after 6 hours, at the city as in the country, thank you very much.

Joe the cab

On his way to a local TV station, Joe Biden steps out in this photo of a black Chevrolet SUV from the U.S. Secret Service. In a few weeks, he will change his vehicle to take the famous “Beast”, or “Cadillac One”, the presidential car. Installed in this exceptional sedan, built on the chassis of a truck and weighing nearly 9 tonnes, it will be able to benefit from a host of amenities and accommodate up to seven people … Unless it is sent to jail by then of course.

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