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In the background, Democratic candidate Joe Biden, October 13, 2020, in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Selfie defense

What is happening in this image? This is very stupid. In an association center in the city of Pembroke Pines, Florida, presidential candidate Joe Biden just gave a speech laying the foundations for his program for retirees. Before leaving, he naturally takes the time to pose for a few selfies. But to avoid exposing himself to the risk of catching the Covid-19, the Democrat remains at a good distance from his fans. This is how he invented the concept of “distanced selfie”.

Electric blue

Despite the social distancing, Joe Biden’s costume is obvious. In fact, the former vice-president of Barack Obama is not wearing a classic midnight blue suit here, but an azure blue suit, or Naples blue, or even Klein blue, depending on the lighting. Whatever the term chosen, the same observation emerges: increasingly popular, this blue is not progress for the time either.

Very chic features

Likewise, the distance does not prevent us from examining Joe Biden’s tie, and remembering that the meaning of the stripes is stylistically not trivial. So when the stripes of a tie go up from left to right, the tie is European made. Conversely, when the stripes go down, the tie is American made. Joe Biden’s tie is therefore American, which is consistent, if not particularly refined. But, given the period, we will be satisfied.

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Middle finger

Joe Biden gives his thumbs up to his supporter. Sympathetic? Do not judge on appearance. In Iran, a raised thumb is indeed traditionally perceived as an aggressive gesture, and even as the equivalent of a middle finger. In a very concrete way, this gesture suggests that you want to slip your thumb into the anus of the person to whom you are addressing it. When we told you that 2020 was a funny year.

Stars and canvas

What if we at least end with some good news? Sorry, we’ll just be factual. Know that the American flag hanging behind Joe Biden is historic. In fact, since its creation in 1777, the star-spangled banner has evolved with the admissions of new states. So this version, which has 50 stars, is the 27e of the kind. Adopted in 1960, after the integration of Hawaii, it is the longest-used version in the United States, far ahead of the 48-star version introduced in 1912 and disappeared in 1958.


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