The Republican Party, under pressure, is blocking around Donald Trump

Only about 12 percent of Republican voters currently support the impeachment procedure against the US president.

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President Donald Trump on October 3, 2019 in Washington.
President Donald Trump on October 3, 2019 in Washington. JIM WATSON / AFP

Donald Trump addressed an explicit message on October 3 to the Republican elected representatives of the Senate. Perhaps they will, in due course, be responsible for condemning him or for absolving him if the House Democrats succeed, as is likely, in getting an indictment passed. (Impeachment). "I have a 95% approval rate in the Republican Party," he assured in the gardens of the White House.

In other words, criticizing it in the middle of the impeachment process will be tantamount to running the risk of running afoul of its base. Only about 12% of Republican voters currently support such a procedure (without pronouncing on its outcome) according to the average of the polls calculated by the site FiveThirtyEight as of October 4th.

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On Saturday, the President of the United States also took, with the anger usually reserved for Democrats, Mitt Romney (Utah), one of the few Republicans who expressed their disapproval after the invitation to the China, October 2, to investigate the affairs of the son of one of his opponents Democrats, former Vice President Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has called the former 2012 presidential candidate "Pretentious moron". "I heard that the great people of Utah considered his vote for his Pretentious Senator, Mitt Romney (elected to the Senate in that state in 2018), would have been a big mistake. I agree ! He is an imbecile who plays directly for the benefit of the Democrats-who do not do anything! #DESTITUONSMITTROMNEY " he added.

" Where is the limit ? "

This pressure is currently paying off. Many elected officials wanted to see provocative humor in the appeal to China. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (Kentucky) promised in a Facebook campaign advertisement to block any Donald Trump impeachment proceedings. "You all know your Constitution," McConnell said in the video. "An impeachment will fail in the face of a majority (Republican) in the Senate with me as leader of this majority ", added the senator, who waits for a fifth reelection in 2020.

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Mr. McConnell can count on the help of the chair of the Senate Judicial Committee, Lindsey Graham (South Carolina), a close friend of Donald Trump, who picks up the words of the White House. In the House of Representatives, the leader of the Republican minority, Kevin McCarthy (California), is also actively fighting the Democrats' proce- dure with the support of the rightmost wing of the Republican Party, the Freedom Caucus.


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