"The future does not belong to the" globalists "but to the patriots"

The US president was limited on Tuesday to a very slight opening by evoking Iran, while confirming that the sanctions against Tehran would be "hardened".

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Donald Trump, September 24 at the UN, in New York. Mary Altaffer / AP

Donald Trump's third speech to the United Nations tribune on Tuesday, September 24, was a routine one. In a monotonous tone, almost weary, the president of the America First Once again praised a principle, that of the sovereignty of nations. "The future does not belong to the" globalists ", the future belongs to the patriots", he swore, before presenting his own record at his best.

As in his previous two speeches, Donald Trump made a particularly harsh indictment of the Iranian regime. While tensions in the Middle East have been bolstered by the Saudi-sponsored attack on Saudi oil facilities on 14 September, the US president has assured that sanctions imposed unilaterally by his country "Will not be lifted as long as Iran continues to be threatening". "They will be hardened," even assured the tenant of the White House.

Isolated after their withdrawal in 2018 from the international agreement on Iran's nuclear, the United States hopes to rally to their cause from other countries as a result of this attack. "All countries have a duty to act. No responsible government should subsidize Iran's bloodlust, " warned Donal Trump. While France is struggling, in difficulty, to begin a de-escalation, the President of the United States has limited himself to the United Nations platform at a very slight opening when he assured that his country does not believe "Permanent enemies". "We do not seek conflict with other nations (…). We want to have partners, not adversaries, " he said.

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Donald Trump, September 24 at the UN, in New York.
Donald Trump, September 24 at the UN, in New York. Mary Altaffer / AP

The "socialist" danger

Donald Trump has also devoted a significant part of his speech to what he sees as the major challenges facing his country. He expanded on the trade war with China, adding that "The way China will decide to handle the situation" in Hong Kong, a territory beset by contestation of authorities considered aligned with Beijing, "Will say a lot about its role in the world in the future".

He defended at length the necessity of the fight against illegal immigration, denouncing the favorable humanitarian organizations according to him to "Open borders" which ultimately undermine " human dignity " by reinforcing by their actions the networks of smugglers. Donald Trump also denounced the danger represented by him "Socialism" summed up in Venezuelan descent into hell.

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The base of the 2020 campaign

The president has championed the defense of religious freedom and has finally stigmatized the power of the giants of new technologies that decide, according to him, through social networks, "What we can see" as "What we can say". These files, put end to end, have another coherence: that of constituting the base of the electoral campaign he is already leading for his reelection in 2020. The tenant of the White House even considered it worth mentioning the defense of a free access to firearms, which makes his country a world exception in terms of violent deaths.

The president's critics argue that these challenges largely escape the national framework favored by Donald Trump, at the expense of a multilateralism now banned in the White House, even if this narrower framework is slow to produce results. A last topic could have been included in this list if the President of the United States had not chosen, as in 2017 and 2018, to ignore it completely: the climate and the protection of the environment. His brief silent appearance at the session of the day before devoted to this file will have borne no fruit.


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