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Joe Biden in Atlanta on October 27.

VSit did not earn him the honors of World. In 1972, Joe Biden, 29, was the youngest elected to the US Senate. But he will have to wait until October 9, 1975 to hold the daily attention. Israel and Egypt have just signed the Sinai agreement. In the process, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee approved the sending of 200 American technicians to the region. A hard-fought victory for Henry Kissinger against senators who fear being forced to send American troops in the event of an attack on Israel.

Only two out of ten votes escape him. Among them, that of a certain “Mr. Biden, believing that the American commitments were those of a treaty, and therefore should be subject to the approval of Congress”, writes Pierre Henri. The rest of the archives of World on Joe Biden is a plunge into the heart of the Cold War. We find him in 1979 returning from a trip to the USSR, confident about the signing of a strategic arms limitation treaty (The world from 1er September 1979). The same year, he negotiated in secret with Beijing the installation on Chinese territory of American big ears turned towards the Soviet Union, as revealed by the NBC channel two years later (The world of June 19, 1981).

With such mastery of geopolitics, it does not take long to be “Considered by many to be the best Democratic presidential candidate”, wrote Bernard Guetta, October 15, 1986. But as Ronald Reagan’s second term comes to an end, talent is not enough. “They are no less than seven relatively anonymous candidates, who for months crisscrossed the farms of Iowa and the expanses of New Hampshire, in search of this national recognition that they so lacked, struggling to attract attention. medias (…). Justice has been rendered to them: the press no longer calls them the “seven democratic dwarfs” ”, notes Marie-Claude Decamps, September 10, 1987.

The plagiarism scandal

At the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Joe Biden however appears as “Most prominent”. Alas, a week later, his candidacy collapsed. “By dint of monitoring, spying on the candidates for the White House, they caught one of them, a Democratic senator, Joseph Biden, doing what? You’ll never Gess. Pumping “, laughs Claude Sarraute, September 18, 1987.

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