The first rambling meeting of candidate Kanye West for the US presidential election

Kanye West on July 19 in North Carolina.

It was a confused and rambling public meeting that marked the launch of American rapper Kanye West’s presidential campaign. Sunday, July 19 in Charleston, South Carolina, the rapper, dressed in a bulletproof jacket inscribed “security”, gave a first anti-abortion speech in the middle of which he burst into tears.

Kanye West first confessed that he wanted his wife, Kim Kardashian, then pregnant with their daughter North, to abort, then spoke about his father. “My father wanted my mother to have an abortion. My mother saved my life. There would have been no Kanye West because my father was too busy ”, said the rapper, crying. He then spoke unintelligibly for a minute, before yelling: “I almost killed my daughter!” I almost killed my daughter! ”

Kanye West, who nicknamed himself “Ye”, announced his candidacy on Twitter on July 4, saying: “We must now fulfill America’s promise by trusting God, unifying our vision, and building our future. “

Worries about his mental health

Leading music producer, rapper with a unique style, turned billionaire thanks to his Yeezy shoes for Adidas, Kanye West is a designer who has marked the last twenty years. But he also stood out with several disturbing episodes, such as his incoherent, several-minute monologue in the Oval Office in front of a dumbfounded Donald Trump, in October 2018. There were also comments describing slavery as “Choice” for African Americans, in May 2018. Or her statements on Sunday that anti-slavery heroine Harriet Tubman had “Never really freed the slaves, she just made the slaves work for other whites”.

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Portions of this speech went viral on social media, and caused turmoil, anger and concerns about the singer’s mental health. Monday evening, the 43-year-old artist posted a series of mysterious messages, since deleted, accusing his wife in particular of having wanted to intern him after his public release.

In 2018, the singer revealed his bipolarity, featuring it on his album Ye, whose cover was illustrated by a photo of the mountains of Wyoming, on which were written the words: “I hate being bipolar, it’s great. ” His wife revealed in 2019 that her husband refused to take medication to regulate his behavioral problems because he felt it would weaken his creative energy.

No chance

Technically, Kanye West, whose real ambitions for the November presidential election remain unclear, already has no chance of being elected president, because registrations are already closed in Texas and Florida, two major states for the ballot. But he is well registered in Oklahoma.

On the other hand, his team had not submitted before Monday noon the 10,000 signatures necessary for it to be registered in South Carolina, said a spokesman for the electoral commission of that state, which disqualifies him there too. .

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