the day after Joe Biden’s victory, America relieved but worried about its divisions

The celebration of Joe Biden's election as president continues the day after his victory is announced in Washington, DC on November 8.

As if to ensure that the “Nightmare” is well finished, Beth and Matthew Rosenheim, wearing imposing top hats in the colors of America, take a photo in front of a large poster proclaiming for Donald Trump ” you are fired ! “. They are not the only ones. Attached to the railings that protect the White House from improbable riots, the striking conciseness of the message inscribed on the long strip of paper strewn with stickers ” I voted ” seems to comfort onlookers.

Sunday, November 8, in Washington, a few hundred people came to extend, the day after Joe Biden’s announced victory in the presidential election, the festive and jubilant atmosphere that had seized democratic America. Of all ages and all origins, they still dance to music with words of circumstances, advocating joy and reconciliation. “Joe Biden will be the president of all Americans”, rejoices Sabi Akber, a young engineer of Pakistani origin, who sings and rowboat in unison, her 5 month old baby on her arms.

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Euphoria on one side, depression on the other

Across the country, the euphoria of some and the despondency, tinged with denial, of the opposing camp, slowly give way to this new reality: even if the main interested party does not seem ready to admit it, the tenant of the House Blanche will soon change. Democratic side, this alternation is akin to a release after the mandate of Donald Trump “Stressful, traumatic, chaotic, embarrassing”. On the Republican side, the most convinced activists, like this lonely Trumpist, who came, not without courage, to wave his flag in front of the White House, still hope for a reversal of the situation. “Four more years”the man in a cowboy hat exclaims. “Lock him up”, retort, firmly but without violence, the incredulous passers-by.

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But, overall, the time has not come for settling scores. Saturday evening, the Rosenheims followed with relish the victory speech of their candidate and its vice-president, Kamala Harris. “All of a sudden, I felt healed, back in shape, testifies the shopkeeper of Washington. They spoke of unity, love, empathy, words we hadn’t heard for four years. “” Plus they were doing full sentences! », She adds in an ironic pique to the approximate syntax of the outgoing president. “We are ready for the reconciliation and the healing of the country”, she swears again, echoing the promises of the elected president. She admits, however, that it’s still a bit early to speak to her family who voted for Trump: “They still think the election was stolen. “

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