the crow of the White House

President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington on May 15.
President Donald Trump at the White House in Washington on May 15. Alex Brandon / AP

VSIs progress. The White House crow posts its exposed disclosures on its Twitter account. Not a day goes by now without the President of the United States stigmatizing a state scandal, obviously " the largest in history Of the country, in which his democratic predecessor would have been involved. A " OBAMAGATE »Whose uppercase capitals say the alleged gravity.

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As with everything that Donald Trump touches, the supposed affair offers only two options: adhere to it without reservation and be indignant with him, or consider that it rests on sand and serves as a diversion in the midst of a health crisis and a really historic economic collapse, six months before the presidential election.

According to the thesis advanced by Donald Trump and the conservative press, Barack Obama would have mobilized the means of the federal state in the last days of his presidency to cause the fall of his successor with the help of a " imposture ", The interference attributed to Russia during the 2016 presidential election. The Republicans and the Democrats of the Senate Intelligence Committee have concluded the reality of the said interference, but the president does not care, disturbs and retouches this old soup and denounces " the greatest political crime in the history of the United States "

"Fifty years" of jail

A crime that deserves the " jail Assures the president who has already thought about the sentence: " Fifty years Jail, at the very least. This is a fix for Donald Trump. He was already threatening his democratic opponent Hillary Clinton with imprisonment in the midst of a presidential debate, almost four years ago, and his followers never ceased to promise equipment to his opponents before the Covid-19 put an end to Trump meetings .

When a reporter from Washington Post asked the president if he could be a little more specific, because all the same, you don't charge a crime like you say hello, Donald Trump was evasive. " You know what crime it is. It’s obvious to everyone. You only have to read the newspapers, except yours Replied the president. "Everyone" has been well advanced.

A plot never coming alone, the President of the United States insinuated the same week that a very untrumpy MSNBC presenter, Joe Scarborough, whom he hates, had most certainly committed a murder. In question, the death of an assistant occurred almost twenty years ago when this one was on the point of leaving his functions of republican representative of Florida. The police concluded at the time, on the basis of an autopsy, that a death had resulted from a heart attack. Nothing that could disturb the president who assured that " some people think That an assassin officiates every morning on American screens.

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