Tehran tests Washington's limits

In the face of sanctions, Iran in turn adopts a strategy of maximum pressure, at the risk of confrontation.

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The Abqaïq factory damaged by the attacks of September 15, on images published by the US government. maldonci / AP

The attack is of historical magnitude. Although the Houthi rebels, fought by Saudi Arabia in Yemen and backed by Iran, have claimed it, all eyes are on Tehran, more than 72 hours after the strikes on the Abqaïq factory. and the Khourais field, two strategic infrastructures of the Saudi oil sector. Iran's graduated response to Washington's policy of maximum pressure could, if the Islamic Republic's responsibility were confirmed in the attack, have reached a new level. Tuesday, September 17, the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has also excluded any negotiations with the United States, while the idea of ​​a meeting between the US and Iranian presidents on the sidelines of the general assembly of the United UN, which opens Monday 23 September.

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"I can tell you that it was a very big attack and our country could very easily respond with a much bigger attack", warned US President Donald Trump in front of the press, however, remains relatively vague stating that the attack "Seemed" to have been orchestrated by Iran. His defense secretary, Mark Esper, assured that the Pentagon was working with US partners "To respond to this unprecedented attack and to defend the international order undermined by Iran," while Secretary of State Mike Pompeo must go to Riyadh. Saudi Arabia still refrains from directly pointing Iran, but the kingdom does not give credit to the Houthi claim and said Monday that the weapons used in the attack were well Iranian.

"Broken vertebral column"

If the Saudi and US accusations are swept by the Iranian authorities, the conservative press was still happy Monday, September 16, the result of the strike. "The explosion of Aramco shattered the calm of the White House," congratulated the newspaper Javan, close to the guardians of the revolution. In the same vein, everyday life Kayhan, close to the Supreme Guide Ali Khamenei announced, triumphalist: "The spine of Saudi Arabia has been broken, the United States and Saudi Arabia are in mourning. " Seen from Tehran, for hardliners vis-à-vis foreign powers hostile to the Islamic Republic, the major damage inflicted on the Saudi oil sector is a new victory.


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