Sarah Cooper, the actress who speaks Trump

Actress Sarah Cooper, playing Donald Trump's speech in her video "How to medical".
Actress Sarah Cooper, playing Donald Trump's speech in her video "How to medical". YOUTUBE SCREENSHOT

Sarah Cooper is not wearing a blonde wig, endless red tie, or cap with campaign slogans. This thirty-something born in Jamaica has regularly played Donald Trump for several weeks in short successful videos posted on the Tik Tok sharing application. The source of their success is particularly simple: the actress takes up the most extravagant tirades of the President of the United States with his voice, pretending to pronounce them with a deeply convinced air.

It all started with the briefing held in the White House press room on April 23, during which Donald Trump had praised the effectiveness of detergents and ultraviolet rays against the Covid-19, which he wanted to apply to the human body. . Sarah Cooper used these phrases identically in a 49-second recording where she embodied both the President of the United States and a disbelieving witness unwilling to serve as a guinea pig.

Comedians as famous as Jerry Seinfeld, a fine trigger for the stand-up, immediately praised the improvised performance of his own admission just before sitting down to eat in his Brooklyn apartment. " What an incredible talent! Said actor Mark Hamill enthusiastically. " Almost as incredible as the fact that these stupid words were spoken in all sincerity by a president in office ", He continued. Sarah Cooper has since reoffended. She staged Donald Trump's unexpected confidences about his use of hydroxychloroquine on Monday with the same conviction.

Verbal indiscipline

The depth of this deposit of involuntary irony is inversely proportional to the degree of self-deprecation with which the current tenant of the White House is endowed. The United States has had good speakers among its presidents, Barack Obama being the last in a line that also includes Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy. But Donald Trump, by his verbal indiscipline, tends to fall into the second category, alongside a George W. Bush who fought obstinately against syntax throughout his two terms.

The tics of language, the immoderate use of the third person in the singular to speak about him and the unquenchable childishness of Donald Trump have long been the delight of satirical late evening television programs and social networks. Witness the success of the compilations of the formula "Nobody knows better than me" (" drones "," technology "," Taxes "," wind turbines "," the other side of the table "…) become the anaphora of the former businessman’s tenure.

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