Rose McGowan sues producer for trying to silence her

The American actress also filed a complaint Wednesday against her lawyers and a private intelligence company, accused of extortion and invasion of privacy.

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One of the first women to publicly denounce Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault returns to the attack. American actress Rose McGowan filed a complaint Wednesday [October 23rd] against Hollywood's fallen mogul, her lawyers David Boies and Lisa Bloom, and private intelligence firm Black Cube. They are accused of extortion, invasion of privacy and fraud.

"This case is about the diabolical and illegal efforts of one of America's most powerful men and his representatives to silence victims of sexual assault", says the complaint, filed in a federal court in Los Angeles. According to Rose McGowan, when Mr. Weinstein learned in 2016 that she planned to write a book about rape that she claims to have been a victim of in 1997, he sent his henchmen to make sure the story "Would never see the light of day and that, even if it were, no one would believe it".

Charges "without legal basis"

"Weinstein's campaign against McGowan and others involved the most powerful forces that money can buy", ensures the complaint. "He hired prominent and high-profile representatives, David Boies and Lisa Bloom, as well as the international spy agency Black Cube. " According to the document, Harvey Weinstein and his agents worked for more than a year to try to silence the alleged victims of the producer and the journalists who reported his abuses.

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M's lawyerme Bloom, Eric George, said that"No credible facts or legal basis" did not justify including her client in her complaint. An influential lawyer and best known for her advocacy of women victims of harassment and sexual violence, Lisa Bloom was part of Harvey Weinstein's defense. The New York Times revealed in September that the latter would have promised the producer to defend it "Against all the Rose of the world because [I have] represented a lot".

The accusations of Rose McGowan against the famous Hollywood producer triggered the Weinstein scandal in October 2017, then the #metoo movement, which denounces the sexual abuse committed by celebrities.


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