remote duel for Joe Biden and Donald Trump

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A restaurant in Tampa, Florida, broadcasts Joe Biden and Donald Trump's “public meetings” live on two screens on Thursday, October 15.

Donald Trump had refused a remote duel because of his past contamination by Covid-19, refusing, he said, to waste his time. The President of the United States, however, exchanged virtually and indirectly with his main opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, Thursday, October 15, during two meetings organized by two competing television channels, NBC and ABC. Subjected both to questions from a moderator and citizens presented as undecided, the two men often fell back on form in their faults: aggressiveness for the outgoing president, hesitant remarks for Mr. Biden.

Mr. Trump arguably had the most to lose Thursday night. Considered by the general opinion as the main loser of the first debate, marked by his incessant interruptions from his opponent, the president had to erase this poor performance and also reassure him about his state of health. He scored points in both cases, although he was obviously often annoyed at the incisive questions posed by the moderator, while Mr Biden, more at ease in dealing with voters, was less pushed. in its entrenchments by the host of ABC.

Mr. Trump, however, has exposed himself to criticism by sticking to a very optimistic message about the Covid-19 epidemic. “We did a fantastic job”, he assured. “Vaccines and treatments are coming”, he said, after having imprudently announced the distribution of vaccines during the month of October, that is to say before the presidential one. “We are in a situation where we have over 210,000 dead and what does he do? Nothing “, replied Mr. Biden.

While the campaign of the former vice-president had given in the morning a wealth of details about the positive diagnosis of two assistants of his running mate, Kamala Harris, who led “As a precaution” stopping the movement of the latter, Mr. Trump was unable to say when his last test negative, before the announcement of his contamination, on the night of September 30 to October 1. Then he reacted to the information from the New York Times assuring that he owes more than 400 million dollars to anonymous creditors, some of whom are according to him ” probably »Foreigners, by qualifying the sum of “Peanuts”.

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