pro-Trump social networks between denial, discouragement and desire to do battle

The little dog of This is Fine saved from the flames ; Mark Hamill (notoriously anti-Trump) who celebrates the “Return of the Jedi” ; the footage of Jennifer Lawrence dancing on This is America in pajamas in the streets of Boston …

Like the spontaneous celebrations that took place in many American cities on Saturday, November 7, after the official announcement of Joe Biden’s victory in the presidential election, social networks were invaded by demonstrations of joy, videos and images celebrating the defeat of Donald Trump.

The mood was much different in the online chat rooms from the right to the US right, as denial prevails among Trump supporters – following the line of the current US president.

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On the pro-Trump influencers Diamond and Silk Facebook page on Saturday, November 7, after Joe Biden's victory was announced.

“Don’t listen [les médias], it is not finished “, post on Facebook the conspiratorial African-American YouTubers Diamond and Silk (2.4 million subscribers). “It’s the hour of the uprising [soit le titre de leur livre Uprising]. Fight against this theft. President Trump has shown the existence of the swamp, now it’s time to open the drain. Let’s help him get rid of the rats clogging the pipes! “

The tone is just as martial for the posts of the influential pro-Trump page “For America” ​​(7.4 million subscribers). “We can’t just talk. It’s for times like this that the second amendment [qui autorise le port d’armes] Has been written “, wrote a certain Justin in reaction to the message announcing that all the American mainstream media attributed the victory to Joe Biden (the media being, in the United States, the usual referees proclaiming the winners of a presidential election).

“Sleeping giant”

An image returns from page to page: that of the “Sleeping giant”, that “Crazy leftists have woken up”, writes Dan Bongino (3.8 million subscribers), a former secret service agent converted into a pro-Trump influencer.

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This November 8, he is delighted to note that the application of Parler, an alternative far-right social network, is the most downloaded on the American App Store. After the closures of Facebook groups in recent days, for “Attack on the sincerity of the ballot”, some pro-Trump activists are indeed seeking to be discreet, and to flee the censorship of “Mainstream social networks”. SOn Reddit, a gigantic forum among the most used discussion spaces in the United States, the two main Republican sub-forums have gone private – you have to be registered to see or express them.

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