President Trump, year IV: face-to-face time

US President Donald Trump at a campaign event in Middletown, Pa. On September 26.

Lhe bulldozer against the stutterer: the first debate between the two main presidential candidates, Tuesday, September 29, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, is the promise of lyrical flights and arguments exchanged in harmony and mutual respect. Those who will empty a glass every time the sentence is spoken “If you allow me to interrupt you” should be able to keep their minds sharp at the end of the evening.

In the absence of giant meetings and crowds, the three meetings, completed by an expected face-to-face meeting between the vice-president, Mike Pence, and the one who wants to take his place, Kamala Harris, are all that remains of the campaigns. ‘before the coronavirus. So here they are overloaded with issues and meaning, while an overwhelming majority (71%) of people questioned by the Wall Street Journal think they don’t matter much, 44% even judging them ” not at all “ decisive.

The stutterer against the bulldozer: the game is over even before the first question is asked for a majority of Americans polled by Suffolk University, which already declares Donald Trump the winner (47% against 41%). The outgoing president is expected to attack his opponent on his family. His son Hunter is already described as corrupt at every opportunity while the Trump Organization is also the target of investigations. Graduated in blunders, Joe Biden has never been masterful during the debates of the Democratic primary. There were so many participants until the beginning of March that they had to wait and wait for their turn. The outgoing president has been at the center of everything for almost four years and devours the substitute meetings organized on the airport tarmacs with an unquenchable appetite.

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Champion of “alternative facts”

We wish a lot of courage to Chris Wallace, the Fox News reporter who is arguably the best interviewer on American television channels right now, to preserve some semblance of order on Tuesday. Joe Biden hoped that the assertions of the president, champion of “Alternative facts”, in the words of his advisor Kellyanne Conway, be verified in real time, even if the task does not appear in the referee’s job description. This is wishful thinking anyway. You might as well try to erase the horizon with a sponge. It would actually be easier to ring a doorbell every time Donald Trump respects the facts. Chris Wallace would only risk ankylosis.

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