President Trump, Year III: Defense Backwards

Faced with an impeachment procedure, Donald Trump has lost his ability to master the information cycle. And multiply the missteps.

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Donald Trump at the White House in Washington after attending the UN General Assembly on September 26.
Donald Trump at the White House in Washington after attending the UN General Assembly on September 26. CAROLYN KASTER / AP

TheA metaphor for the boredom is often aerial. The imaginative Jacques Chirac assured that they flew in squadron. On the other side of the Atlantic, the troubles are scattered puzzle way when they hit the blades of a fan.

The fact is that, four days after the start of a procedure for the dismissal of President Donald Trump by the House of Representatives, the White House can already think of allegorically remaking the paintings.

All is not lost, but all is not well. Largely because Donald Trump was stripped of what has always been his strength since his entry into politics: the ability to tame the information cycle, to impose its terms and its pace. The President of the United States fights, storms and vituperates, but he is lagging behind.

In the House of Representatives, on the other hand, her best opponent, Nancy Pelosi, has seized a staggering affair: a phone conversation in which the president of the world's leading power asks a counterpart who is cruelly dependent on him, in the Ukrainian occurrence, the "Favor" to investigate his potential opponent in the presidential election of 2020.

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Public hazards

There was no pressure, no "Quid pro quo", indignantly a president who has never used so much of Latin on his Twitter account, while his interlocutor had just mentioned the crying needs of his country in antitank missiles Javelin, made in the USA. There is no need to raise your voice or threaten when you talk to a subordinate.

Donald Trump thought that Nancy Pelosi, a cold calculator with thirty-two years of experience in Congress, would not embark on the adventure of a impeachment because she dreaded transforming him into a martyr. He understood too late what she seized faster: that this case is almost childlike simplicity, and that, unlike the gas plant of the "Russian" business, with half-salts and half -portions, he throne in the middle, engorged as in his first suit.

The first movement of the President of the United States was accomplished under duress and it was disastrous. The publication of the record of the conversation produced the effect of a Rorschach test. The President saw, obviously in sincerity, an exchange " perfect ", while the embarrassing jumped to the most magnanimous eyes, including in the ranks of a Republican Party which nevertheless works for a long time in rhythm.


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