officially “president-elect”, Joe Biden lectures Donald Trump

President-elect Joe Biden at his headquarters in Wilmington, Del. On December 14.

Joe Biden took one step closer to the White House on Monday, December 14. Unsurprisingly, state by state, the voters confirmed his victory announced on November 7, but a majority of Republicans led by Donald Trump still refuses to admit. Democrat officially became the future 46e President of the United States when California, which he largely won on the evening of November 3, brought him his votes, putting an end to a suspense artificially maintained by the outgoing president.

Speaking a few hours later in Wilmington, his adopted Delaware town, Joe Biden made no secret of his satisfaction. He paid homage to the foundations of American democracy, which he said had been tested by the accusations of ” fraud Repeated by Donald Trump, but whose lawyers were unable to provide any proof.

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During the thirty-seven days of a veritable judicial guerrilla war, Joe Biden had held to the greatest reserve, presenting the accusations as a fleeting annoyance that would dissipate on its own. On Monday, the former vice-president instead administered a civic lesson to his opponent on November 3, recalling that he himself had “ does its job In 2017 by announcing the victory of Donald Trump by virtue of his functions as President of the Senate.

Our democracy, shaken up, tested, threatened, has proven to be resilient, genuine and strong “, He congratulated himself. Noting that he had won the same number of voters as Donald Trump in 2016, with a lead of more than 7 million votes and unlike the latter who had been left behind in the popular vote, Joe Biden recalled that the Republican had then qualified his victory in the electoral college of ” tsunami “. ” By his own criteria, those numbers represented a clear victory then, and I respectfully suggest that the same is true today. “, He added while Donald Trump seems unable to recognize his defeat.

“Democracy won”

Sixty-eight percent of Republicans still believe that the presidential election was ” stolen To Donald Trump, according to a CBS poll published on December 13, Joe Biden tried to block the defeated president’s attempt to present him as an illegitimate successor. First, by paying tribute to the election officials stigmatized by Donald Trump, including some Republicans. “ Many of these patriotic Americans have been subjected to enormous political pressure, verbal abuse, and even threats of physical violence. (…) Hope we never see anyone subjected to this kind of abuse again “, He assured.

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