No, Joe Biden did not admit Democrats built “the biggest fraud system”

Among the many rumors and infox accusing Joe Biden of having rigged the US presidential election are remarks allegedly made by the former vice president, which are interpreted as an admission of his fraud. But the extract, put in context, actually says the opposite: that the Democratic candidate has set up an anti-fraud device to fight against certain techniques used by the Republicans.

What the rumor says

In a short video clip of about twenty seconds, taken up in particular in France by the site of “Reinformation” Dreuz, Joe Biden himself declares in front of the camera (the translation is from Dreuz):

‚ÄúSecond, we’re in a situation where we’ve set up – and you did for our administration, President Obama’s, before this one – we’ve set up, I think, the electoral fraud organization. largest and most inclusive in the history of American politics. “


The excerpt comes from a podcast that aired in late October, in which Joe Biden answers questions from Crooked Media, a left-wing media founded by people close to Barack Obama. Taken out of context, it looks like a confession. Put in context, it is quite the opposite: the Democratic candidate explains how his team intends to fight against the attempts of the Republican camp to dissuade Democratic voters.

This strategy of “Suppression of voters”, very well explained by Franceinfo, for example consists in refusing student cards but accepting permits to carry a weapon as an identity document at the entrance to polling stations to favor Republican voters.

Faced with these techniques, which target in particular black voters, traditionally inclined to vote Democrat, Joe Biden explains that his team has set up a site to facilitate the procedures of the voters concerned, (I will vote). What he describes is therefore not a system of fraud, but on the contrary a system for combating electoral fraud that the former vice-president attributes to his opponent.

The world


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