No, Clint Eastwood is not the author of this letter in favor of Donald Trump

What the post says:

The long message praising the American president begins as follows:

“I love it when people say Trump stupid… You mean the multi-billionaire who has hit every Democrat (…), buried 16 Republican politicians in the primaries and continues to make these previously serious news organizations look like idiots? Do you mean the man who won the presidency? “

It is accompanied by a portrait of the director of Gran Torino.

Screenshot taken from Facebook on October 12, 2020.

This text, entitled: “What Clint Eastwood Says About Trump”, is not new. It has been circulating virally in English since December 2019. The French version is a literal translation, with many wording errors like “The guy with the super model for the woman”, for “The guy with the supermodel wife” or the many “Are you sure”.

Why this is wrong

Clint Eastwood is known for his conservative positions. Still, there is no evidence that he posted such a message. No credible source links the famous director to this letter.

The text, on the other hand, corresponds almost entirely to that ofa written letter by Fred Doucette, Republican Representative for the State of New Hampshire and Chairman of Trump’s Campaign for that State. In September 2019, he sent this letter, titled “Don’t Get Brainwashed by What Democrats Tell You,” to the newspaper’s editor. Eagle Tribune.

Fred Doucette then posted this missive on his Facebook page, along with an image of Clint Eastwood. Its post has been shared over 14,000 times, and its text reproduced in many forms. This is probably where the confusion comes from.

Screenshot from October 12, 2020.

Eastwood backed Trump in 2016, but not in 2020

It should be noted that on the image of Fred Doucette appears another quote attributed to Clint Eastwood: “If Congress really cared about the American people, it would resign. “ But again, no trace of such a statement by the American director can be found.

In February, Clint Eastwood, who has always declared himself a Republican and supported Donald Trump in 2016, surprised by taking sides with billionaire Democrats Michael Bloomberg. He then estimated that Donald Trump should “ act more correctly, without tweeting or insulting people “.


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