Joe Biden focuses on Covid-19, Donald Trump’s weak point

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Promise of the free vaccine against Covid-19, criticism of Donald Trump’s meetings which, according to him, favor the spread of the epidemic: Joe Biden focused on Friday October 23 on a file for which he enjoys the confidence a persistent majority of people questioned by the various polling institutes, unlike the outgoing president. This offensive coincided with a new peak in contamination with more than 81,000 cases recorded in the United States in a single day. A figure higher than the peaks recorded in July.

Once elected, ” I will ask the new Congress to table a bill on my desk by the end of January, with all the resources necessary for our public health and our economic response ”, Assured Joe Biden during a speech held in his town of Wilmington (Delaware). “ There are no “red” states [républicains], no “blue” states [démocrates], just the United States, united in our response and united in our goal: to stop the spread of Covid-19 and defeat this virus “, He continued,” I will go to each governor and urge them to impose masks in their state. And if it doesn’t, I’ll go to mayors and county leaders to put in place local mask requirements across the country. As president, I will make it compulsory to wear a mask in all federal buildings and in interstate transport, because masks save lives. Point bar.

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“Once we have a safe and effective vaccine, it will have to be free for everyone, whether you are insured or not”, he said before attacking his opponent. He deplored the will of the latter to maintain gatherings of his faithful in defiance of federal recommendations. ” It’s like he’s decided to ride for the virus “, He judged after noting that Donald Trump invited according to him the Covid-19” to enter the White House “. The presidential residence had become a hotbed of infection at the end of September for failing to observe the most basic precautions during the presentation of Donald Trump’s candidate for the Supreme Court, Amy Coney Barrett.

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